They are together,Will be forced to separate!

“My father,Do you understand?”
Mei Xingyun is in Fang Yu’s arms,Feel at ease。
“Yep,Already said……I said I was going back to Qingxin City。It may take a while to find you……”Fang Yu explained。
“That works too!Father understands things,Know you are not a person who changes your heart easily……Considerate!This trip,Is it dangerous?”
Although Mei Xingyun is materialistic。
But I’m also interested in some weird fairy tales。
and so……
Fang Yu is here,There must be danger。
Chance,Means danger!
“Master said……If you don’t go because of danger,What’s the difference between that and the coward?I also took our hope to find opportunities……”
Fang Yu looked serious。
“that……When will you leave?Can you stay with me one day last……I haven’t walked around Dongwon City with you!”
Mei Xingyun looks at Fang Yu,Pleading with Fang Yu。
Just this time。
She won’t ask too much!
“You are not today……”
Fang Yu hesitated。

Old Gu smiled and said nothing,He already understood Peng Changyi’s intention。

Qi Xiang just closed his eyes,After walking a few steps against the floor tiles of the blind road,Just open your eyes,Turned his head and glanced at Peng Changyi,Said:“Ha ha,No way,Scared,Afraid of falling。”
Peng Changyi said:“If you are blind,You will especially believe in this blind channel,Because this is a channel just for you,but,You opened your eyes now,You will be able to discover the problems and security risks on this channel。”
Qi Xiang was taken aback,Look up,It suddenly dawned on me,I saw not far ahead,A telegraph pole stands impressively,And there are such a row of telephone poles,If you are really blind,The consequence of walking down this passage is to be hit by a telephone pole!There is embarrassment on his face,And blushed because I thought the county magistrate was naughty。
Qi Xiang couldn’t help being in awe,He said sincerely:“Magistrate,Your heart is too careful!I will call them right away,Let them rebuild。”
Peng Changyi said:“Not urgent,Let’s look under the telephone pole,If there are floor tiles that specifically remind blind people to turn, it can be justified。”
They are talking,Came to the nearest telephone pole,I saw this dark yellow floor tiles spread all the way to the telephone poles,There are no tiles on both sides that prompt turning。
Peng Changyi said to himself:“Not right,There should be another brick with dots,Where did the shop go?”
Old Gu said:“where is it。”
Peng Changyi and the others looked in the direction of Old Gu’s fingers,See the floor tiles with dots that are used to remind blind people to turn,Was treated as a waste yard on the side of the road。
Peng Changyi said:“It seems that the construction workers really don’t know why this is used,Then there was the mistake of laying the blind passage and the telephone pole in the same line。”
Qi Xiang said:“I will call right away,These people are too unprofessional。”
He is about to call,I saw the Secretary of Construction coming up in the car。The secretary’s surname is Ge,Ge Chao,Seems to be Ge Zhaoguo’s relative,It is said that only junior high school education level,It turned out to be the manager of a Jian’an company under the Construction Bureau,A few years,Became the director of the Construction Bureau,And in the construction bureau。
Peng Changyi glanced at Ge Chao, who was walking over without hesitation with a cigarette in his mouth.,He ignored him,Continue to gesture with Qi Xiang。
Qi Xiang said:“Ge Ju,Which company did this sidewalk work??”

Qin Liang’s doubts,But I was smiling:He absolutely believes that Liu Xiaoyun’s judgment cannot be wrong,If the judgment is wrong,That’s not Liu Xiaoyun。

“We can all go together,Take a stroll,Enjoy the beautiful scenery。”
Liu Xiaoyun did not directly answer Qin Liang’s doubts,But he turned around and said to everyone。
So everyone followed Liu Xiaoyun collectively“set off”Up,Even Yang Zhiqiang’s son Ma Lin and Zhao Tuo curiously followed behind the girls……
The base is surrounded by undulating hills,Wild flowers everywhere,A little further away is the woods。
Chapter three thousand nine hundred and eight How did you know
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Chapter three thousand nine hundred and eight How did you know
Liu Xiaoyun chose the highest hillside and walked,No one asks her,Anyway, they follow her ass。
“Hey,Little Zhuge,Where is this going to take us?”
Actually got here,Qin Liang naturally already guessed the judgment Liu Xiaoyun made,But he deliberately asked Liu Xiaoyun a few words。

I know there are important things to be busy tomorrow,So I plan to rest early。

The black-robed man appeared in the courtyard,Yueer appeared at the door,After feeling the familiar breath under the black robe, silently disappeared into the darkness。
“Creak!”Door open。
Ye Ziqi turned her back to the door,The beautiful clothes on her body are slowly slipping from the fragrant shoulders,A long hair is naturally scattered behind,Cause countless ripples。
Even if it’s a person who is determined,I can’t help swallowing when I see such a glamorous sight,What’s more, since ancient times, heroes are sad for beauty。
“Month,Problems?”Ye Ziqi didn’t think too much,Asked while unbuttoning the clothes,
No echo,When the woman turned around,The man who appeared in front of me from zero distance。
Who would have thought,On weekdays, mature and serious women have such a delicate side.,Especially the moment when he rushed into the man’s arms。
As for the rest,Everything is beautiful into the beauty of the night,No one appreciates,This is the most mysterious moment between heaven and earth,Regardless of hierarchy and status。
After the clouds and rain,Woman lying in man’s arms,Full of tenderness。
“Why are you back?”Ye Ziqi asked casually,“Is it because of Yaoguigu??”
“Ok,There is what i want,Must get this time。”
Talking about this,Woman frowned:“According to the forces currently gathering in the city,This time it won’t be that simple,Because everyone from the Fighting Tournament and the Warrior Association is here。”
They come too?

Shen Ruoxue’s excited cry came from the bathroom。

“Business is coming!”Qin Liang listened,Hurry up,Came to the big bathroom。
This big bathroom is very spacious,Qin Liang also used it before,The bathing area is separated from the sanitary outside with frosted glass,Qin Liang came to the bathroom quietly,As a mercenary,Find a place that is not easy to find,I’m still here,Even a small place like a bathroom,Qin Liang can also find one,Since Shen Ruoxi and Shen Ruoxue can’t see him,He can also see the corner of the bathroom。
After hiding,Qin Liang was excited,Look to the bathroom,Was already imagining in his mind,Wait a minute。
Since the glass is frosted,I can only see the shadow,But Qin Liang is also satisfied。
The shadows of Shen Ruoxi and Shen Ruoxue are reflected behind the frosted glass,They are still wearing pajamas。
“Haha,Hurry up。”Qin Liang rubbed his palms excitedly,I can’t wait to rush up to help them undress。
Shen Ruoxi and Shen Ruoxue have not seen each other for a long time,Having fun,Qin Liang is peeking outside。
“it is good,This water temperature is just right,Undress。”
Shen Ruoxi’s voice came from the bathroom,From the shadow,She is about to take off her pajamas。
Qin Liang quickly kept his eyes on,Hold your breath!
This is an exciting time!
Qin Liang watched the figure behind the frosted glass intently,I saw that figure,Put that long pajamas,Lifted up,Qin Liang’s breathing gradually became heavier……
Just when Qin Liang was expecting the graceful figure behind the frosted glass to make the next move,Suddenly the pajamas that were picked up,Put it down again。
Fuck me,Qin Liang couldn’t help but keep swearing。
“This is good,Why did you put it down suddenly??”Qin Liang was very depressed。

“You are telling the truth?”

Zhuang Hai asked suspiciously。
“Everything is the truth,I am desperate now,Went here……I don’t want the boss to suffer from that kid because of his carelessness,So I have to say these things,After all, Young Master Zhuang has already suffered a big loss!”
Zhao Xiaoliang’s words are indeed from his heart。He finally found Zhuang Yong, a bigger backer,I don’t want to lose everything I have now。
Zhuang Yong and Zhuang Hai saw Zhao Xiaoliang’s eyes full of horror and anxiety,I immediately believed what he said should indeed be true。Because everything else can be disguised,But only the eyes can’t deceive people!
“According to your statement,That Qin Liang should be a great master,strange,If so,That kid should have risen to fame on the road long ago,Why did I never know that there is such a rising star in Haishang underworld??Where is he sacred?”
Zhuang Yong said very puzzled。
Since there are dealers’ children in Haishang,,Zhuang Yong naturally sent someone secretly to investigate the news in Haishang,So the Haishang underworld,Zhuang Yong is still very clear。
“no no!Boss,That kid is definitely not on the road!I saw that kid defeated Young Master Zhuang,A large number of police and army soldiers rushed into the casino to arrest people,But that kid is fine,Neither hides,Not caught,But left openly。”
Zhao Xiaoliang hurriedly said again。
Zhuang Yong exclaimed in disbelief,Then and Zhuang Hai looked at each other,The faces of both people changed……Zhao Xiaoliang’s last words,But it really surprised them!
Could it be that the kid named Qin Liang,Has an unknown secret identity?Is he an undercover policeman?
Both Zhuang Yong and Zhuang Hai had this idea in their hearts……
“That’s how I grew up,The scariest scene I have ever seen!It is no exaggeration to say;It was simply a massacre of more than forty people by one person!There are painful and wailing wounded everywhere,And that person is like a devil……Vicious and vicious,Mercilessly……”

Su Mei is holding,Is an indictment。She wants to compete with Su Xi for the property right of Su Xi’s old house。

Before the Su family left,Su Xi thought she could stay,You can leave some property,Earned a lot of property。Among them is this old house。Originally belonged to Su Ruo,Su Ruo transferred the account to Su Xi,Su Ruo paid the handling fee。Because including Su Ruo,I think they will be back soon,This little money is nothing。As long as you can give Su Xi more convenience,They are willing to share and sacrifice。
In Su Xi’s property,The old house is the big one,There is a big head,It’s an investment dividend for a cram school。leftover,Just two cars,Some calligraphy and painting antiques。Although the latter are all authentic,But they are all less valuable,It’s only a few million together。But it’s the only thing left in the Su family,Take away for fear of damage in the field,Just stay,Leave it to Su Xi。
Su Xi is not stupid,Right of ownership。She is the only one who can stay in the imperial capital,Only she can keep these things。
Chapter five hundred and forty eight sacrifice
In fact,It’s not just Su Xi who thinks that the Ou family treats her well,Even the Su family think Su Xi is a very good child,Ou’s family sees the face of the party lady,Didn’t kill them all。That’s why they all believe in Su Xi。to be exact,I don’t believe in Su Xi,But believe in Ou’s kindness to Su Xi。
Because no matter what the rest of the Su family hides,Will provoke the evil hands of the Ou family。No other people work,No social circle,I can’t keep the property in my hand,I was really avoided by Ou Jia。But Su Xi is not like this,What she brought back from abroad,All fine,What belongs to her,Also good。She will have a good job by submitting a resume,She does everything smoothly,Oujia doesn’t care about her。
It’s weird if you don’t let the Su family look at her differently。
Su Xi is very satisfied with this。Then she thought that she could live her own life in the imperial capital by herself.,By the way,What else can be done.
Don’t wait for her to find someone,After unfolding his abilities,Was shocked by Su Mei’s indictment。
Su Xi only feels absurd,But the surface is still stable,“This is my grandma,Which is your grandma’s private property,She has the right to deal with it alone。Even if your grandpa wants to say something,It’s impossible to speak directly。just now,This house has been transferred to me,If you sued me,This,A bit unreasonable?I know you are leaving, grandma, a lot of things,There is also a school district room,These ones,Is it not enough?You can’t want everything, right?”
They are sitting in a coffee shop,People around,Su Xi is already shocked,When the spoon is dropped on the ground,Just noticed them。Now Su Xi said that again,Many people began to vaguely look at Su Mei。
Su Mei is more calm than Su Xi,“The house I want to return originally belonged to my parents,Their stuff,Even if your grandma is eligible,But not all。Since i was less than ten,Has occupied it for so many years,You can’t be so cheeky or even shameless?”Don’t let Su Xi speak,Took out another document,“Su Ruo,This is the transfer record of your grandma’s house purchase,I spent the money from my parents’ bank card。She knows the password。”
“I fight for this house,Mainly to give this breath。Your grandma used my parents’ death compensation to buy herself a house secretly,Before running away,Transfer the house to you,I can not find,I can only find you。The house was bought with my parents’ death compensation in full,You said,Am i qualified to fight with you?”
Death compensation???

After a moment of cold,Qin Liang asked with a bitter smile。

“Can’t,The kind that honestly made me beat。”
Yang Shiyun’s serious answer。
“Forget it……”
After Qin Liang thought about it,Still shook his head and rejected Yang Shiyun’s plea,You can’t hide without fighting back,Then you must not let Yang Shiyun be beaten into a half body!Qin Liang wouldn’t be so stupid。
“I beg you,Let me hit you once,I want to hit you so much。”
Unexpectedly, Yang Shiyun would still act coquettishly……
“Do you want to beat me up like that?”
Qin Liang asked awkwardly。
“Yep,Especially want,Fulfill me。”
Yang Shiyun nodded and answered。
“Do not,Unless you give me something special。”
Qin Liang hesitated to answer,He can’t bear to refuse Yang Shiyun’s pleading,But he didn’t want to be beaten for nothing,He knew Yang Shiyun would really beat him up,Because this girl has been bullied by him,I’ve been bullied by him since the day I met,So if there is a chance to beat him up,With Yang Shiyun’s temperament and temperament,She will really start!
“What good do you want?Is there any benefit I haven’t given you?”
Yang Shiyun is even more unwilling now!indeed,The benefits she can give Qin Liang,Can’t give Qin Liang any benefits,Has been plundered by Qin Liang,Even people gave it to Qin Liang,What else did she give……
“I want a girl who is as beautiful as you。”
Qin Liang pretended to be serious and replied after thinking about it。
“You think too much。”
Yang Shiyun’s awkward answer,In fact, she also had such a fantasy in her heart,But that is impossible,Unless she gave birth to another man。

Liu Xiaoyun started targeting Shen Ruoxue again,This is just like when Shen Ruoxue put her hands on other girls before,She’s not like a accomplice!When do you do such a bad thing,She’s not missing。

“Piping away!Is there a chest addiction?!What nonsense!”
Rao is Shen Ruoxue’s thick skin,Liu Xiaoyun is shy and embarrassed when he teases her like this。
“That’s wrong,I don’t have a chest addiction,But I have a hobby,I just see,I want to hug my mother and sleep with my arms around。”
Liu Xiaoyun deliberately pretended to look like a sexy mimi and said to Shen Ruoxue。
Plum Li Qiao’er and Li Yaxin squirted out the food together!
“Come come come,Who is afraid of whom,Have the ability to sleep together tonight,See who is holding whom,Who sleeps。”
Shen Ruoxue answered without fear,She is not another Shen family girl,It is impossible to threaten her in this way。
“Hey!We all are eating,Can you two not disgust us so much?!”
Meizi started to protest,She has a thin face,She can’t accept this kind of joke。
“Yeah!Another volunteered!That line,Then I will hold sleeping plum tonight。”

So Qin Liang changed the subject。

“mouse?lizard?Still snake?Not learn!Starve to death。”
Instead, Song Min resolutely refused。
Qin Liang was instantly embarrassed,Only then did he discover:It’s not easy to bring students in my group!because,I can’t afford it!Only one Chen Hao who is more obedient can bully,But in front of Shen Ruoxi, Murongshan and Song Min,It’s obviously impossible to bully Chen Hao。
The next scene is a bit awkward:Qin Liang looked at the four peerless beauties helplessly,And the four eldest princesses also watched him vigilantly!
“Then what do you want to learn?”
After a while,Qin Liang broke the silence and asked with a bitter smile。
“We don’t want to learn anything,We just want to rest and enjoy the scenery。”
Shen Ruoxi replied。
“Because we are actually very tired this morning。”
Chen Hao might think that Shen Ruoxi was too aggressive,So deliberately added,Of course the tone of speech is much gentler than Shen Ruoxi。
“We are clerical!civilian!”
Murong Shan also immediately emphasized it。
“but:In case you have to follow us on the battlefield occasionally?”