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First117chapter Kaye is smart!(Sixth more)
Saturday night,8O’clock。
《I sing my song》64Advance32Strong last game,Officially started。
Originally24Contestants12Last seats,But because Han Donger and Fu Bufan are separate“resurrection”A player,Just26People。
This format seems a bit troublesome,So simply26Direct all,Then according to the score,Decide first6Promotion、8People eliminated,At last12People compete again6Seats。
Shen Huan is still sitting in the corner,Still that dress。
The result was a coincidence,Next to him is the curious uncle。
I saw Shen Huan before,Uncle still looks surprised:“Your cold is not healed?”
“watch the show,watch the show!”Shen Huan can only divert his attention。
“Are you a star??”Uncle isn’t fooled now。
“I am a star,Will hide in this corner?The guest sofa in the first row below is not comfortable?I don’t need visibility?”Shen Huan asked him back。

I saw the bound Qianyu slowly open his eyes……

The ink-colored pupils have been stained with a little cold color,But still retains some emotion……
Qianyu indifferently“It’s the youngest Xuan?”
A middle-aged man in a white robe walked in……
Qianyu saw this strange man,Eyes condenses“you are?”
The middle-aged man stared at Qianyu in a calm tone“It doesn’t matter who i am,The important thing is,I just applied,Transfer you to Huxin Island for detention!”
Qianyu’s heart secretly“Lake Island?Isn’t that where Ma Xiaotao is??”
Could it be that,It’s Ma Xiaotao who caused the evil fire,So I transferred myself to the place for suppression?
Seeing the flickering color of thinking in Qianyu’s eyes,The middle-aged man slowly approached him,“It seems you have guessed it,It’s because of Xiao Tao!”
Qianyu pressed her thin lips,“really!”
I saw the middle-aged man take out a special key,Quickly opened the soul guide in Qianyu’s hand……
“Let’s go,Follow me to the lake island……”

Guo Qi clenched his fists,Immediately grabbed Yuntian’s neck and said coldly:“old man,I can’t deal with that kid, do you really think this guy can’t kill you??”

Yuntian was slowly lifted into the air by Guo Qi,Blinking eyes, Yuntian disappeared into the air,Appeared directly at a distance of tens of meters,At this moment, Yuntian looked at Guo Qi with the soul-breaking gun in hand。
“Oh,By the way, this is the inner world of the Soul Breaker,I forgot,Here you are invincible,But this seat is not so easy to deal with,The ant is just a villain,I ruined you today,Ninth Spirit Ability,Shura Battlefield!”Guo Qi waved his hand and there was a violent tremor in the sky。
I saw the inner world of the Soul Breaker split into two halves,Sunny clouds on one side,Guo Qi in Shura World。
“Didn’t you expect that you have been thinking about waiting for today for tens of thousands of years??”Yuntian Soul Breaker pointed at Guo Qi and said coldly。
The corner of Guo Qi’s mouth rises slightly,This is his plan for thousands of years,Today is finally coming。
“Hahaha,Old guy now knows it’s late,The old man can’t deal with you at your peak,But you now see hope when you are officially weak,Wait for this seat today to let your soul fly away,And then taking the body of this kid,At that time, my Guo clan will once again unify the whole continent,The body of this kid is also suitable for this seat,I really feel sorry for you,You won’t take away such a good body,Hahaha,Really made me so happy!”Guo Qi laughed。
Yun Tian clenched the soul-breaking gun in his hand and laughed:“Ha ha,You really think you can beat me,Although the old man is injured, this is my world,My world is up to me,And you are just rubbish,The old man killed you tens of thousands of years ago,After tens of thousands of years, the old man can still kill you,Let you fall completely today。”
Said Yuntian rushed up,Guo Qi frowned,He saw that Yuntian was dead
Chapter 89 Catastrophe(One)
“Old fellow since you are looking for death,Don’t blame me then,Seventh Spirit Ability,Wuhun true body!”Guo Qi smiled coldly,A ten-step illusion formed around,Everything in the illusion becomes nothingness,With the blessing of the seventh spirit ability, Guo Qi’s Shura battlefield became even more terrifying。
Yuntian frowned,It was the two who attacked him before killing him,I didn’t expect Guo Qi’s strength to be so terrifying。
“Seventh Spirit Ability,Soul Reality!”Yuntian roared,The soul-breaking gun in his hand emits a dazzling light,The two great martial souls in the entire inner world are fighting against each other,Guo Qi’s ten-step illusion is not inferior to Yuntian’s martial soul-breaking gun。
“Ants,go to hell!”Guo Qi Leng said,Rushed up after talking,Guo Qi rushed up and the Shura battlefield behind him was also fast approaching,Dozens of King Shura rushed up with long swords in their hands.。
Yuntian’s power under the seventh spirit ability is also extremely terrifying,He can’t fight Guo Qi face to face,Deep in his martial soul is the worst choice。
“Fifth Spirit Ability,Cohesive heart!”A fifth spirit ability like Lin Yan formed a giant beam of light and charged up,This is the attached spirit ring of the Soul Breaker,Strength increases with the strength of the owner,Although he is a broken piece, he is also a Peak Titled Douluo when he is alive,The power contained is also extremely optimistic。
Guo Qi looked at the beam of light close at hand and immediately ducked sideways,After him dodging for a moment, King Shura was instantly fragmented and turned into nothingness,Guo Qi frowned,A King Shura must sacrifice thousands of people to get a King Shura,Now being lost makes him feel bad。

Just look at the total score of both teams,I would think it was won by two offensive teams.,The total score at half time is as high as135separated,Such high-scoring games are very rare in this era。Mainly in this defense,The era when insiders are king,Slow-paced offense is the mainstream。

Each team will get70Minute80Points are also very common,It’s rare for absolute teams like the Lakers and Jazz to play such high-scoring games.。Both defenses are top in the league,Even if it’s not number one,Definitely ranked in the top five。Even so,Both sides’ offense is still scary and efficient,This shows how strong Kobe and the Jazz offensively。
Kobe looks up,Look at the Jazz players on the other side of the field。
Ooh,It’s actually a face of fighting spirit。Kobe Pico Jaw,He still admires these old guns very much,The old-school player’s spirit of never admitting defeat is rare in future generations,He has only seen this kind of strength in the two guards, Westbrook and Lillard.。And in this era,Many players can see this spirit of never giving up。
“The lineup of both sides is the same as the starting lineup,And no adjustment,It should be noted that many players have foul troubles on their backs,Horry Four Crimes,Ostertag Four Offenders,Antoine-Kyle three offenders,Carl-Malone。”
“If the action of both sides in this game is still like the first half,Then I expect many players will be sent off。Sir wants to continue cutting the shark?I don’t think it works,The difference between the Lakers and them has been drawn11Minute,Slashing the shark will further slow the pace of the game,And the slow pace is no way to chase points。”
“Especially they have a lot of players foul,Let’s see how Jerry Sloan’s tactics will be adjusted next!”
“The Jazz and Lakers’ duel is by no means only the superstars on the court.,The duel between Jerry Sloan and Silver Fox Harris is also a very good sight.。This is a duel between veteran coaches,Harris is already94-95I won the Coach of the Year award this season,And Sloan’s coaching career has so far been incomplete。”
“Harris won the best coaching trophy of this year.,The few coaches with more opportunities under him are Jerry Sloan,Pat Riley,George Carr,Lanny Wilkens。”
“Referee whistle!The game continues!”
Hornacek sideline serve,Pass to Stockton。
Stockton advances with the ball,The Lakers still arrange for Eddie Jones to defend Stockton,Let Kobe’s stamina be used more in the offense,But it’s going to be the last moment,Then the task of defending the first ball holder,Kobe will still take it over。

Wang Yufei nodded,I even gave the Provincial No. 1 Middle School a thumbs up in my heart。It’s a key middle school in a big city,Physical education teachers are so strong in summarizing ability,In a few words, he summarized his situation in these two days clearly。

“Ok,then you go。Basketball is not for you。”Lao Gao waved his hand simply and lonely。
I finally plan to use the residual heat before retirement,The result was a little genius?
Such good conditions,He can’t compete。
Lao Gao doesn’t doubt that Wang Yufei is bragging。
For over half a hundred years,The old Gao who was once a class teacher,Seeing students say that they are not lying。Unless Wang Yufei’s acting skills are good enough to go directly to the Oscars to win the Golden Man,Otherwise it is impossible to be so natural when lying,The eyes are so peaceful and calm。
“Goodbye, Teacher Gao。”
“correct,Zheng Feng is a nice kid。Although I don’t know why he has a little emotion towards you,I still hope you let him。Ok,But it’s not bad to teach that guy a lesson,Don’t be a big boss or his second child!Forget it,About you young people,I don’t mix!Goodbye!”
Lao Gao waved his hand at last,Turn around and leave。Unfortunately, Wang Yufei has never seen it《Slam Dunk》This comic,Otherwise, I must feel that the coach Anxi in the old high-heeled comics at this time is so look like。
However, what puzzled Wang Yufei was,What does this teacher Gao mean?Zheng Feng has little emotions about himself?Why doesn’t he know?
“Hey,What did Lao Gao tell you?”
Although one bite in front of others“my brother”Already called scoring,But when facing Wang Yufei,Guo Xiaoyi still likes to use it“Hey”This word。
Even a little girl,Also a girl。It must be a matter of course。
“Teacher Gao asked me if I am interested in learning basketball,I refused。”Wang Yufei said honestly。
“Why refuse?Boys who can play basketball are handsome,And also exercise。”Zhou Sicheng pouted and asked。
“Hehe,Yes,Sisi is our favorite boy who can play basketball。Now you missed the opportunity。”Guo Xiaoyi’s presumptuous ridicule。
One sentence made Zhou Sicheng’s fair face inexplicably blush,Gives a fierce look at the unobstructed girlfriend,Until Wang Yufei did not seem to notice the little ambiguity hidden in this sentence,Still answer honestly:“Time conflict,Teacher Han in the third year of high school asked me to attend the Olympiad training in the high school every afternoon during my self-study.。”
“what?Mathematical Olympiad Training in High School?”This news shocked the two little girls again。

Pretty woman,Sure enough, it will be an eye-catching existence everywhere。Shen Huan to Beauty.Women have always good memory,Not to mention Buyi’s eyes that seem to have hooks,You can’t admit it at a glance。

“Let’s go,Get in the car。”Buyi did not answer,But a very cheerful invitation。
“it is good。”
Shen Huan also knows that this is not a place to talk,It won’t be long before Bu Yiyi will be recognized,It will be difficult to get out again then。
Buyiyi’s nanny car is in a nearby parking lot.。
Got in the car,There is also very warm air conditioning and heating,Very comfortable。
Also because Buyiyi is a girl,So there is a faint fragrance in the car,Not strong,Fresh but with a different smell,It’s like Buyiyi。
Buyiyi took off his coat,The curvaceous appearance is indeed very eye-catching,Make Shen Huan look more。
Compared to her,Han Dong’er will be much worse。
But Han Donger’s style is not like this,If it’s really hot like Buyiyi,Still looks a bit uncoordinated。
Only Buyiyi has the most suitable height for her、Looks and graceful。
That’s why she became a child star since she was a child,Then it went so smoothly along the way。
Of course,Can train and maintain such a figure and body shape,Buyiyi’s hardship is definitely not something ordinary people can think of。
In the film and television industry,“Want to show up before people,You have to suffer behind”This sentence,Simply correct。
It’s that simple for ordinary people to think about being a star,It can be liked by thousands of people casually,Can make a lot of money,This can only say that these people are too naive,Don’t know what it is“The darkest and hardest industry”。
Really speaking of acting,It is difficult for Buyiyi to rank as Xiaohuadan,This is also an important reason why she actively wants to appear in Zhu Mei’s movie。
Art movies don’t make money,But hone people’s acting skills。
The driver and assistant are obviously in the car,Just in front。
In the big space behind,Only Buyiyi and Shen Huan。

“Show me the way,Go early and return early,Otherwise, let my uncle find out,Then it’s no show。”

Brother Li sees that Mirang likes to flatter so much,Disdain。
“Yes Yes Yes!!!I’ll show you the way, Master。”
Chapter 203 Trouble
Car home!Che Zhifu glanced,The room decorated by my nanny for Master Jin。
Find,Nothing to continue decorating。
Wave,Signal to the nanny to leave。
then,Pick up your phone,Call your cousin Zhuo Sihan immediately。
As for why you need to call?
Of course not to pester Zhuo Sihan,But to find an excuse,Invite Zhuo Sihan and Lin Yu to come here,Said it was to treat them to dinner,Apologize to them。
While they came,I also arranged Young Master Jin。
In this case,Then I can borrow a knife to kill,Kill Lin Yu,Still have revenge。
just,Outgoing call,I couldn’t get through after playing it several times。
Found this one,Che Zhifu can only call Zhuo Sihan’s nanny。
quickly,This is the call to Zhuo Sihan’s nanny,Get through。
“Isn’t Mom Wu?”
Che Zhifu get through,I immediately asked。
“Yes,Master Che,you call me,Do you want to ask Miss?”
As Che Zhifu’s informant,There are thousands of dollars every month。
As soon as I heard Che Zhifu’s call,Wu Ma thought,Cha Zhifu is here to inquire about Miss’s news again。

Mo Xiaosheng sighed softly,He really doesn’t know how to comfort Mo Zizhen。

“I didn’t take care of my brother!“
A trace of pain flashed across Mo Zizhen’s face,A sad expression of self-blame。
“Second master,It’s not you,If i guess right,The enemies you met this time are absolutely extraordinary, right??!“
Mo Xiaosheng said in a deep voice,“May not be able to contend with ordinary special forces!“
Mo Zizhen’s face suddenly changed,A little surprised, he glanced at Mo Xiaosheng,Doubtful,“how do you know?!“
Mo Xiaosheng smiled,Did not speak。Directly send the dagger that I just received from Mo Jinqi to Mo Zizhen.,Shen Sheng,“Someone who can hold this weapon,How could it be ordinary people!“
Mo Zizhen opened his eyes after seeing the dagger in Mo Xiaosheng’s hand。Chongmo Xiaosheng said with a surprised face,“You know this dagger?What is it?!“
Mo Xiaosheng shook his head and said,“I don’t know the origin of this dagger,But I know the material used for casting this dagger!“
“Oh?Hurry up and listen!“
Mo Zizhen’s eyes light up,Interest suddenly came,Hurriedly,“I am also wondering what exactly is this dagger made of,It’s so sharp,Our army’s special stab,In front of it is even vulnerable!“
“Xuan Gang!“
Mo Xiaosheng whispered,Then he told Mo Zizhen about the origin of Xuan Gang he knew.。
Mo Zizhen was shocked and surprised when he heard this,He weighed the dagger in his hand and said in a deep voice,“It turned out to be forged with such a hard material,This group of people is not small!“
“Second master,so,You don’t seem to know the origin of these people?!“
Mo Xiaosheng frowned and asked。
“do not know,But I guess they are mostly people organized by Shenmu!“
Mo Zizhen said in a deep voice。

“Gary,I don’t think he is blind。”Camp looked at Kobe’s cold eyes,A little guilty。

“Nonsense!Just mongolian!Have the ability to enter another!”Glove Payton roared out!Three points is not impossible to prevent,Payton can die Kobe。But then Kobe’s breakthrough success rate would be scary!
In this game, George Carr’s defensive arrangement is all around blocking Kobe’s breakthrough.!Move the whole body!At this time, changing the defensive strategy is likely to result in the improper execution of the supersonic players,Led to a defensive collapse across the board!
And all of Payton’s expectations,Relentlessly defeated by Kobe。
“Got in!Kobe once again used an exaggerated step backward!Tengyun drives the fog!Three-pointer!6:0!George Carr chose to pause!”
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Five Half-time three-point record!(4KBig chapter!Thanks for a good trip)
“Got in!Kobe retreats three-pointer!Payton’s eyes widened,His expression was full of shock!Not monstrous!Kobe used his second retreat with a foggy three-pointer to prove that his offense was not a coincidence.!George Carl stood up suddenly from the bench seat,Called a timeout!”
“Incredible!Such an offensive skill combined with Kobe’s breakthrough is unsolvable!Kobe’s breakthrough and retreat are taken out separately. I believe both Payton and George Carr have3There are more ways to solve!But when they merge together!That is unsolvable!At least so far I can’t think of a way to prevent Kobe from killing Kobe one-on-one.,Kobe’s arsenal has added such a new weapon,As long as he feels good enough,Maybe today I will see a man destroying a team Kobe!”Old Thompson’s voice was trembling,Kobe’s play is too shocking,This is the alliance50A style that never appeared in years!
If it is an accurate long-range shooter,Then most will choose to catch the ball and shoot after the fixed point or move without the ball,This is the easiest way to get rid of the defense,Receiving the ball and shooting without dribbling can also make shooting accuracy higher。
And if it’s a sudden move,The shot distance will be close。Use exaggerated direction changing techniques,Ball control,Explosive power and speed reach the basket to complete the offense。
Only a very small number of players can,Accurate projection at medium distance,Such players are often top superstars。Although rare,But not without。
But the exaggerated dribble shaking directly outside the three-point line like Kobe today,Players who then complete difficult projections do not exist in history!Even Bird, the strongest three-pointer, would not use such an unstable technique outside the three-point line.。A large number of high-speed ball shaking means that your center of gravity will deflect a lot,Your body will be unstable,And the three-pointer is the most stable skill,No one ever dribbleCROSSOVERCombined with three-pointers!
“As long as Kobe can maintain the same defensive state,maintain40%Three-pointer,Then the defensive layout of the Supersonic game has collapsed across the board.。If the Sonics’ defensive layout changes,I believe Kobe will use his traditional skills again,breakthrough,CIC,Pass to dominate the game。”
“Kobe always puts his opponents into a dilemma,This is also the case with the Heat,Kobe’s arsenal is too rich,I even suspect that Michael is far behind Kobe in terms of skill richness.!”
“360°No dead end attacker,Kobe can complete the offense from any position in the half court,Even midfieldLOGO!How does such a player defend?Maybe the only thing that can prevent him is his own touch!”
The brag of Thompson and Mafu made Jordan on the sofa of the Boston hotel take a puff of cigar。

“Appeared!Kobe’s domineering three-pointer!The three-point skill Kobe didn’t use much in the playoffs!From the regular season4.3Shot down to2.9Times!But his hit rate37.8%Improved to43.5%!”

“Kobe prefers to play in the playoffs,Also cast a lot in the middle distance。But his three-pointer doesn’t mean he can’t shoot。He is to avoid being counterattacked by the opponent under the intense confrontation of the playoffs,Or he is hiding?”Hill speculates。
“All possible,The Kings didn’t need Kobe to shoot three-pointers in the first round。Second round of supersonic,Payton and McMillan are the kind of short, close-fitting defensive players,Three-pointers are very poor。But this round of Houston is different。”
“MAGICYou mean that Kobe will use a three-pointer to kill Houston in this series.?”
“I didn’t say that,projection,Never win the championship。Even a Western Conference champion is difficult。”The magician looked at Kobe intriguingly,After Kobe hit a three-pointer in that crowd,Look back coldly。
“Is it possible that Kobe can jump inside?”Hill is a little puzzled,Houston’s breakthrough prevention capability,He looks scared,Two strong guys are stuck outside,There is also Olajuwon waiting for the rabbit。
Olajuwon without defending O’Neal,It can be said that he completely liberated his defensive ability。This superstar who almost dominated the series with defense in the last round of the series,Can sweep the entire three-point line unscrupulously。
“too difficult,When O’Neal leaves the field,The current situation is indeed a desperate situation for Kobe。Houston will not drop too much without Barkley,And the Lakers who lost O’Neal,Not at the same level at all。”
“Desperate,Let’s take a look at Kobe’s performance in such a desperate situation。”
Kobe didn’t know,The impact of O’Neal’s departure on the team。
But this game!Must win!
Did not defend at home!Away to Houston,Definitely not too big,It is impossible to expect O’Neill to come back and save the world。
When O’Neill comes back,It’s also time for Barkley to come back。At that time the situation was still not optimistic。
It’s now!Is now!Every game,Every moment is not to be wasted,To give up!
Even desperate,Then it has to break a blood path!
“Not quite right。”Drexler receives the ball,Advance the first half of the game,Kobe forced over!