Even if Ye Tianzong took out 600,000,But in the eyes of everyone,This is already his limit。

Buy a car again,It’s no different from idiotic dreams。
“My rules are simple。”
“A while,Team leader Wu is responsible for selecting luxury cars in the store,Price doesn’t matter,What he likes。”
“We all swipe the card,Keep brushing,Until which party is unable to pay。”
“and,Based on current property,No loans allowed,Cannot be transferred by others,Can only rely on current financial resources。”
“This,Win or lose,do you understand?!”
Everyone took a breath。
Such an ingenious way of throwing money,It really opened everyone’s eyes。
Local tyrants are different,Speak this method,Don’t talk about it,Is myself,Also learned that it was difficult。
And Sun Yongji Kari still has 6 million。
This is his pocket money for a month。
Cope with this poor,enough。

“Bang bang bang!”

There is a clear sound of being knocked away,Success in one fell swoop。
outside,Yun Xiaowen and they are still working hard,But their attacks are simply ant-like elephants to the entire cage formation,Can’t do anything。
Dai Tianbao stopped:“You listen。”
Others don’t understand,Stop also,Learn to wear Tianbao induction。
“not good!”Dai Tianbao was surprised,Hurriedly pulled Yun Xiaowen next to him,“Get down。”
Other people moved,Quickly learn to get down。
At this moment, the roulette produced by the rotation of black, purple and white directly breaks through the border of Jiafu,Spread to the surroundings at an altitude of 100 meters。
Centered on Jiafu,The sky within a radius,Have been swept by this power。
As for the suffering,Naturally those very tall buildings,Many people are busy inside,Suddenly a force passed。
They are still alive,just……The building seems to have been cut off,It still exists because the power is too fast,It’s almost too late for the building。
Even look outside,Except for one layer of glass, all disappeared,No other place is the slightest difference。
“Bah bah bah bah!”
Dai Tianbao vomited the dirt out of his mouth,As a warrior entering the holy realm,He was actually scared at the moment,Obediently,What kind of power was that just now?
Xia Chenglong and Patriarch Yun looked at each other and smiled,They are still alive,It’s pretty good。
Although some injuries,But okay,Really broke this cage,now,They can walk out swaggeringly,Without any worries。

And only learned afterwards:I found more than 20 people under the bridge,And this family of three,Are the only three who survived!And this family of three is lucky,The child was basically unharmed,And her parents’ injuries are not very serious,At least they won’t be disabled。

This is also a blessing in misfortune。
The special forces king who likes the beautiful president, please collect it:()The special forces king of the beautiful president。
Chapter three thousand seven hundred and sixty two Pity the innocent people
So the first person to hear that kid cry is a hero,And Murong Xiaoyao, who risked his life to climb in to save people, is of course even more heroic.!And it is precisely because of Murong’s key,Shen’s sister was pushed on the headlines again。
Murong Xiaoyao became after Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,The third“famous”Shen’s sister,Of course these are for later。
Murong Xiaoyao is with her mother“rest”After half an hour,The mother and daughter returned to the guard post together,As a result, Murong Qiaoyao was captured by the TV camera and captured a lot of heroism.,Meilun Meiyang’s photos……
Two o’clock at night,The scene of the accident confirmed that there are no more buried or suppressed people,So Qin Liang and Yanzi took their dragon soul fighters to go home,Follow-up work,No need for heavily armed soldiers to maintain order,So the Shen sisters stay here,It’s really a waste of girls’ time and energy。
But anyone can go,Even plums can go,Only Yang Shiyun can’t leave。
“master,How about I stay here with you。”
Meizi can’t bear to let her master“A person”Stayed。
“Silly girl,You are the detective captain of Haishang City Bureau,You still have a lot of work and things to do tomorrow,It’s okay for me to be sleepy when I’m on duty in the command center tomorrow,Did you get sleepy when you solved the case and arrested someone??obedient,Hurry back to rest,Just have me here,No, don’t spend your detective captain here too,And the rescue here is over,The follow-up work is basically nothing to do with the police。”
Yang Shiyun smiled and answered Meizi。
“OK then,Master, call me immediately if you have something to do。”

All Flash Star players who have entered the 18-man squad, including Lai Zekai,I think this home game against Youjiang Honglian,Hu Lai will definitely start。

But when the team starts from the Shining Star Liucheng training base,When arriving at the Provincial Sports Center in the northern part of Jincheng City,Zhao Kangming announced the starting list of eleven people,Hu Lai is not in this list。
Lai Zekai is still the starter。
It’s as if what Zhao Kangming said when he replaced Lai Zekai in the last game was not perfunctory.,But the truth,He really has to rely on Lai Zekai in the next game!
After recovering, Lai Zekai did not expect his chance to be so easy、That arrives so fast。
He also glanced at Hu Lai in ecstasy。
Not just him,The other players also turned their eyes to Hu Lai。
After all, everyone knows that Hu Lai performed well in training,At the same time, he won the trust of the coach,In the end, it still failed to start,Some of them are worried about Hu Lai,Some people are simply curious about how Hu Lai will react。
Hu Lai has no response,He is expressionless,Can’t see it’s upset,Still confused。
After the head coach Zhao Kangming announced the starting list,,Obviously saw the action of everyone looking at Hu Lai,Didn’t explain much。
He believes in the tacit understanding between Yihulai and himself,No need to explain,Saying it seems artificial and hypocritical。
Besides, he didn’t want to explain to Hu Lai in front of so many people.——The dignified coach just because the players failed to start,I have to explain to him specifically?What do other players think?Is it true that all the players who are not selected for the starting lineup in the future will have to explain themselves?
Not so hypocritical。
Hu Lai will definitely understand why he didn’t rank him in the starting lineup.。
“All right,Go out to warm up!”Assistant coach Chen Mo stood up,Slap。
The players got up and walked outside the locker room。


First291chapter Whose child is
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Xia Jihan,Ask to try now,Because breastfeeding was taught by Guan Hao,You can’t give up without despairing to a certain extent。
then,After the director checks the room,Came to the ward,Gently massage her according to the meridian points,Although it is light,She still hurts her teeth and mouth,In the end, I couldn’t help it and yelled out,This is the time of milk increase,Feeling her breasts hurt under her squeeze and torment, she is sweating profusely。
After Li Wei came in,Seeing Xiaoxia’s forehead drenched with water,The director is massaging her around the milk,He said immediately:“Shufang,what are you doing?”
Xiaoxia saw her cousin come in,Immediately pulled the clothes down embarrassedly。But was picked up by the director,The director’s forehead is also covered with sweat,Said:“I’m giving her a massage,She has no milk。”
Li Wei grabbed the director’s hand and said:“No milk formula,That does not work,Will hurt people。”
Doudou next to my sister heard her yelling in pain,Scared to cry,Hiding behind my dad and dare not look at my sister。
“You go out,Add chaos!”The director scolded Li Wei and his daughter。
Xia Jihan takes advantage of this gap,Pulled the clothes off,Wave to cousin,Means let them out。
Li Wei was embarrassed to see her,I took Doudou out,The director told her:“adhere to,Very hopeful。”

Ding Naixiang used it twice“Regardless of”This sentence,Really express a father’s love for his daughter。

Jiang Fan said quickly:“I can’t sit still if you say that,I will have no place。If you don’t dislike,I formally request you,Marry me your daughter,I will use my whole life to care for her。”
Tears gushing in Ding Naixiang’s eyes again,He looked at Jiang Fan,Said excitedly:“Ok,Ok,As long as my daughter is willing,As long as you give her happiness,I have no problems here……”
Jiang Fan said:“Since you agree,Then we got the marriage certificate in the last one or two days,The two families have a meal together,Get to know each other,If it is too late,I think before you go back to Singapore,The wedding ceremony,Where i am now,First of all, you can’t do it,We both discussed this matter,Just ask a few close friends,I may not be able to give her a grand wedding。”
Ding Naixiang said:“I heard Xiaoyi told me that you don’t want to make a big deal,As you,I agree to the wedding brief,The simpler the better,You can’t compare to ordinary people,Now people are very extravagant to get married。In addition,You insist on waiting for me to get married,Show that you respect me,I am very happy about this,It also shows that you are indeed a gentleman。I also have a house,Old house in West Side,Her mother and I left it to her,If you don’t dislike,You can also live there。”
Jiang Fan said:“Thank you for your understanding。We will live with me for now,Relatively convenient there,Her unit is closer。Even if she gets off work at night, I don’t have time to pick her up,It’s convenient for her to come back。”
Ding Naixiang said:“no problem,You can discuss it yourself,Since I agreed to marry your daughter,I won’t make any demands on you。”
Jiang Fan said:“Thanks for your support。The process can be simple,But there must be some rituals,So I planned to visit tonight,Propose to you。”
But Ding Naixiang said:“I came out to see you today,They don’t know anyone,I didn’t even tell Xiaoyi。”
Jiang Fan smiled,I feel that the old professor is kind,He said:“do not worry,I will keep this secret。”
Ding Naixiang said:“and so,If you have time at night,Time to come as usual,Don’t be affected by our meeting。”
Jiang Fan understands what he means,Just say:“Yes,Plan unchanged。”
Ding Naixiang looked at his watch,Said:“Haven’t you eaten lunch yet?”

Peng Changyi helped Shuqing sit down,Help her pick up the bag that landed on the lower seat,Put aside on the seat。

Shu Qing trimmed her hair messed up by Peng Changyi,While saying:“Master Gu,why did you leave,Haven’t seen a doctor yet?”
Always smile but don’t answer。
Shu Qing looked back at Peng Changyi,Look at him carefully,I saw Peng Changyi smiling and looking at her,She is a little bit inexplicable,Said:“Are you sick?”
Peng Changyi does not answer,Just smile at him,In that smile,Full of Peng Changyi’s cunning and weirdness。
Shu Qing continued to look at him,Asked again:“You are not sick?”Talking,Just reach out,To touch Peng Changyi’s forehead。
Peng Changyi held her hand,Put it in your big palm,Said:“You say i’m not sick?”
Shu Qing said:“Why don’t you go in when you are sick??”
Peng Changyi said:“I can’t cure my disease there,Can only get worse。”
Shu Qing stretched out her other hand,Touched Peng Changyi’s forehead,Touched my forehead again,Said:“You don’t burn?”
Peng Changyi said:“My body surface does not burn,Heartburn。”
Shu Qing seems to understand something,Said seriously:“Peng Changyi!”
“Do you burn or not?”
“Do not burn。”
“Why not burn?”
Peng Changyi glanced at her,Face becomes difficult to look,He turned his head,Cast his eyes to the provincial capital outside the window,He turned around for a long time,Look at Shu Qing,Seriously:“Ask yourself,Why did you come to the hospital?”
Shu Qing blushed,She said awkwardly:“It’s you now,Didn’t say me。”
Peng Changyi stared at her,Said:“Have your question first,Just have my problem,It’s about my child’s life,Can I not have a high fever?!”
So far,Shu Qing knew that Ding Yi had betrayed herself,Just asked:“When did Xiao Ding tell you?”

“so smart?”Peng Changyi said。

“Do you think。I just said she was a child prodigy?Born to engage in philosophical research。”Teacher Jin said。
“After that, I don’t dare to make a joke to her,I’m still arrogant and faulty?”Peng Changyi said embarrassedly。
“Ha ha,Nothing,That girl is a genius in her field,But IQ in other areas is much worse,She won’t care if you pick something wrong,She is not stingy at all。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Say:“No matter how low IQ,I can hear the words, right??”
Teacher Jin robbed him and said:“If you can’t even hear the bad things,That’s an idiot!”
“Hahaha。”Peng Changyi smiled。You said it?”
Teacher Jin suddenly remembered what he said:“correct,Meng Ke told me,Want me to introduce to you,I’m not sure,You care about this girl so much,Is that interesting?If it’s really interesting,I can connect you to a bridge,But I don’t care about the next thing,I have never been a matchmaker for others in my life。”
Peng Changyi was stunned,Said:“Lao Meng really said that?”
“Really。Just told me quietly while drinking。”Teacher Jin said。
Peng Changyi asked nervously:“Xiaoshu knows?”
“do not know,I haven’t told her yet。”
Peng Changyi quickly said:“Please,Don’t tell her,Otherwise, there will be no place for my face。Don’t listen to Meng Ke,He knew all day that he was happy with me。
Teacher Jin looked at him,Said puzzledly:“Is not,you,Are you interested in Xiaoshu??”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Don’t get me wrong,I don’t mean anything,Meng Ke’s wishful thinking,I don’t need anyone to worry about my problem,I solve it myself。”
Teacher Jin thought for a while,Finally asked him a key question:“Do you have someone in your heart?”


“Have you contacted him recently?”
“I had a sorority party in Beijing last New Year’s Day,He came back from Deshan,find me,He seems to say that you have not contacted for a long time,why?”
“No reason,Nothing happened,I don’t know what to say even if I contact,Just came here。”
First93chapter Love and hate of old couples
Jiang Fan embraced her,Said:“Chang Yi is my good brother,He did help us a lot。Your suggestion is right,Have the opportunity,I want to transfer him to my side。”
“Can you adjust across regions??”
“can,He is now a provincial cadre,Of course it can be adjusted。Don’t say,You really reminded me。”
Ding Yi smiled and said nothing。
“If he can come to Langzhu to work,Will be my right hand,The three of us can meet often、Chatted。”
“You can advise Minister Fan,Call him?”
“Haha,It seems you really hope he will come to Langzhu?”
“Of course,Only he will help you wholeheartedly。”
When Ding Yi said this,,I thought of everything in Kangzhou,The big and small things Jiang Fan encountered in Kangzhou,Never left Peng Changyi。
“Ha ha,Yes,I just turned positive,It’s not good to directly raise personnel issues with the organization,This thing can be done,But it depends on the timing。All right,What do you want to eat in the morning,Husband, let me prepare。”
Ding Yi took his hand,Said:“What I want to do the most is to stay in your arms,Best not to go anywhere,Stay like this for a lifetime。”
Jiang Fan graciously touched her head,Said:“I still have a lot today,Wait for these days,Chinese New Year holiday,I’m motionless,Just let you lean on like this,How about until we become fossils?”
“Screw you,Ominous。”
“Haha,What you mean,Why did it fall to me??Just sit like this for a lifetime without eating or drinking,It’s weird if it doesn’t become a fossil。”

“Aunt Su,Everything I do is for him to come back to me。”Luo Ting finally wiped the tears off her face。

“If you’re looking for Lao Liao, let him know,Can he come back?”Aunt Su suspected that。
“He knows best why I do this。”Luo Ting said confidently。
“Tinger,You should find Xiaoguan,Talk to him,Should not……”
“Aunt Su。”Luo Ting interrupted Aunt Su and said:“I won’t take the initiative to talk to him,I will let him take the initiative to talk to me。”
Aunt Su sighed,She knows Luo Ting’s character too well,Said:“Tinger,Whether you two can live together in the future,I don’t want you to be enemies。”
Luo Ting didn’t answer Aunt Su’s words,In fact, she wanted to say that there are only two relationships with Guan Hao,There is no third relationship。
Guan Hao watched Luo Ting’s background disappear at the end of the corridor before he turned around,He felt the difference between her and the past。
She was so arrogant before,It is Luo Ting’s pride to show everyone and everything,Is it possible that a person’s worldview can also be changed??I lived with Luo Ting for five or six years,Only found out now,It turns out that they are so unfamiliar with each other。
Back to the ward,I saw my dad completely changed,Pouting,Shut your mouth,Turn off the TV too,Leaning on the head of the bed,Sitting upright,He realized,Father is going to start talking。
Come to dad,He picked up water,Hand it to dad,Dad reluctantly took it and took a sip and said:“Xiaohao,I wanted to say,You are always busy,I can’t catch you。If you don’t say these things today, I’m afraid I won’t have time。”
Guan Hao pulled the chair,Bring yourself closer to dad,He smiled and said:“Sorry,I’m really too busy,So it’s okay to take care of one place,Such a big stall now,Don’t talk about work,I just transfer one by one and I can’t transfer it in two or three months。Your old man, please bear with me。”
Seeing my son please me,The expression on Guan Zhengfang’s face eased a bit,The tone is not so tough anymore,Son’s words do make sense,Just nodded and said:“Ok,What you said is the truth。Xiao Gang Pao said you are busy。but,busy,Not afraid,We don’t blame you for not coming back for a year。but,You must not be confused,To know which head is lighter and which head is heavier。”
Guan Hao said:“Yes,father。”
He said,Pick up an unfinished apple on the table,I want to finish peeling this apple,I suddenly realized that this apple was the one that Luo Ting had just cut,Frown,Threw the apple and the fruit knife on the table,Got up and took out a tangerine from the carton,Peel off,Hand it to dad one by one。
Guan Zhengfang has done government affairs for a lifetime,How can you not see the meaning of the son throwing away the apple and the intention,He pretended not to see,Just said:“No outsiders today,I tell you the truth,What is most important for men,Is a career,Is political power,Everything that conflicts with it must make way。I always think your kid understands this,But how confused now?”