“Aunt Su,Everything I do is for him to come back to me。”Luo Ting finally wiped the tears off her face。

“If you’re looking for Lao Liao, let him know,Can he come back?”Aunt Su suspected that。
“He knows best why I do this。”Luo Ting said confidently。
“Tinger,You should find Xiaoguan,Talk to him,Should not……”
“Aunt Su。”Luo Ting interrupted Aunt Su and said:“I won’t take the initiative to talk to him,I will let him take the initiative to talk to me。”
Aunt Su sighed,She knows Luo Ting’s character too well,Said:“Tinger,Whether you two can live together in the future,I don’t want you to be enemies。”
Luo Ting didn’t answer Aunt Su’s words,In fact, she wanted to say that there are only two relationships with Guan Hao,There is no third relationship。
Guan Hao watched Luo Ting’s background disappear at the end of the corridor before he turned around,He felt the difference between her and the past。
She was so arrogant before,It is Luo Ting’s pride to show everyone and everything,Is it possible that a person’s worldview can also be changed??I lived with Luo Ting for five or six years,Only found out now,It turns out that they are so unfamiliar with each other。
Back to the ward,I saw my dad completely changed,Pouting,Shut your mouth,Turn off the TV too,Leaning on the head of the bed,Sitting upright,He realized,Father is going to start talking。
Come to dad,He picked up water,Hand it to dad,Dad reluctantly took it and took a sip and said:“Xiaohao,I wanted to say,You are always busy,I can’t catch you。If you don’t say these things today, I’m afraid I won’t have time。”
Guan Hao pulled the chair,Bring yourself closer to dad,He smiled and said:“Sorry,I’m really too busy,So it’s okay to take care of one place,Such a big stall now,Don’t talk about work,I just transfer one by one and I can’t transfer it in two or three months。Your old man, please bear with me。”
Seeing my son please me,The expression on Guan Zhengfang’s face eased a bit,The tone is not so tough anymore,Son’s words do make sense,Just nodded and said:“Ok,What you said is the truth。Xiao Gang Pao said you are busy。but,busy,Not afraid,We don’t blame you for not coming back for a year。but,You must not be confused,To know which head is lighter and which head is heavier。”
Guan Hao said:“Yes,father。”
He said,Pick up an unfinished apple on the table,I want to finish peeling this apple,I suddenly realized that this apple was the one that Luo Ting had just cut,Frown,Threw the apple and the fruit knife on the table,Got up and took out a tangerine from the carton,Peel off,Hand it to dad one by one。
Guan Zhengfang has done government affairs for a lifetime,How can you not see the meaning of the son throwing away the apple and the intention,He pretended not to see,Just said:“No outsiders today,I tell you the truth,What is most important for men,Is a career,Is political power,Everything that conflicts with it must make way。I always think your kid understands this,But how confused now?”