“Have you contacted him recently?”
“I had a sorority party in Beijing last New Year’s Day,He came back from Deshan,find me,He seems to say that you have not contacted for a long time,why?”
“No reason,Nothing happened,I don’t know what to say even if I contact,Just came here。”
First93chapter Love and hate of old couples
Jiang Fan embraced her,Said:“Chang Yi is my good brother,He did help us a lot。Your suggestion is right,Have the opportunity,I want to transfer him to my side。”
“Can you adjust across regions??”
“can,He is now a provincial cadre,Of course it can be adjusted。Don’t say,You really reminded me。”
Ding Yi smiled and said nothing。
“If he can come to Langzhu to work,Will be my right hand,The three of us can meet often、Chatted。”
“You can advise Minister Fan,Call him?”
“Haha,It seems you really hope he will come to Langzhu?”
“Of course,Only he will help you wholeheartedly。”
When Ding Yi said this,,I thought of everything in Kangzhou,The big and small things Jiang Fan encountered in Kangzhou,Never left Peng Changyi。
“Ha ha,Yes,I just turned positive,It’s not good to directly raise personnel issues with the organization,This thing can be done,But it depends on the timing。All right,What do you want to eat in the morning,Husband, let me prepare。”
Ding Yi took his hand,Said:“What I want to do the most is to stay in your arms,Best not to go anywhere,Stay like this for a lifetime。”
Jiang Fan graciously touched her head,Said:“I still have a lot today,Wait for these days,Chinese New Year holiday,I’m motionless,Just let you lean on like this,How about until we become fossils?”
“Screw you,Ominous。”
“Haha,What you mean,Why did it fall to me??Just sit like this for a lifetime without eating or drinking,It’s weird if it doesn’t become a fossil。”