Peng Changyi helped Shuqing sit down,Help her pick up the bag that landed on the lower seat,Put aside on the seat。

Shu Qing trimmed her hair messed up by Peng Changyi,While saying:“Master Gu,why did you leave,Haven’t seen a doctor yet?”
Always smile but don’t answer。
Shu Qing looked back at Peng Changyi,Look at him carefully,I saw Peng Changyi smiling and looking at her,She is a little bit inexplicable,Said:“Are you sick?”
Peng Changyi does not answer,Just smile at him,In that smile,Full of Peng Changyi’s cunning and weirdness。
Shu Qing continued to look at him,Asked again:“You are not sick?”Talking,Just reach out,To touch Peng Changyi’s forehead。
Peng Changyi held her hand,Put it in your big palm,Said:“You say i’m not sick?”
Shu Qing said:“Why don’t you go in when you are sick??”
Peng Changyi said:“I can’t cure my disease there,Can only get worse。”
Shu Qing stretched out her other hand,Touched Peng Changyi’s forehead,Touched my forehead again,Said:“You don’t burn?”
Peng Changyi said:“My body surface does not burn,Heartburn。”
Shu Qing seems to understand something,Said seriously:“Peng Changyi!”
“Do you burn or not?”
“Do not burn。”
“Why not burn?”
Peng Changyi glanced at her,Face becomes difficult to look,He turned his head,Cast his eyes to the provincial capital outside the window,He turned around for a long time,Look at Shu Qing,Seriously:“Ask yourself,Why did you come to the hospital?”
Shu Qing blushed,She said awkwardly:“It’s you now,Didn’t say me。”
Peng Changyi stared at her,Said:“Have your question first,Just have my problem,It’s about my child’s life,Can I not have a high fever?!”
So far,Shu Qing knew that Ding Yi had betrayed herself,Just asked:“When did Xiao Ding tell you?”