Ding Naixiang used it twice“Regardless of”This sentence,Really express a father’s love for his daughter。

Jiang Fan said quickly:“I can’t sit still if you say that,I will have no place。If you don’t dislike,I formally request you,Marry me your daughter,I will use my whole life to care for her。”
Tears gushing in Ding Naixiang’s eyes again,He looked at Jiang Fan,Said excitedly:“Ok,Ok,As long as my daughter is willing,As long as you give her happiness,I have no problems here……”
Jiang Fan said:“Since you agree,Then we got the marriage certificate in the last one or two days,The two families have a meal together,Get to know each other,If it is too late,I think before you go back to Singapore,The wedding ceremony,Where i am now,First of all, you can’t do it,We both discussed this matter,Just ask a few close friends,I may not be able to give her a grand wedding。”
Ding Naixiang said:“I heard Xiaoyi told me that you don’t want to make a big deal,As you,I agree to the wedding brief,The simpler the better,You can’t compare to ordinary people,Now people are very extravagant to get married。In addition,You insist on waiting for me to get married,Show that you respect me,I am very happy about this,It also shows that you are indeed a gentleman。I also have a house,Old house in West Side,Her mother and I left it to her,If you don’t dislike,You can also live there。”
Jiang Fan said:“Thank you for your understanding。We will live with me for now,Relatively convenient there,Her unit is closer。Even if she gets off work at night, I don’t have time to pick her up,It’s convenient for her to come back。”
Ding Naixiang said:“no problem,You can discuss it yourself,Since I agreed to marry your daughter,I won’t make any demands on you。”
Jiang Fan said:“Thanks for your support。The process can be simple,But there must be some rituals,So I planned to visit tonight,Propose to you。”
But Ding Naixiang said:“I came out to see you today,They don’t know anyone,I didn’t even tell Xiaoyi。”
Jiang Fan smiled,I feel that the old professor is kind,He said:“do not worry,I will keep this secret。”
Ding Naixiang said:“and so,If you have time at night,Time to come as usual,Don’t be affected by our meeting。”
Jiang Fan understands what he means,Just say:“Yes,Plan unchanged。”
Ding Naixiang looked at his watch,Said:“Haven’t you eaten lunch yet?”