First291chapter Whose child is
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Xia Jihan,Ask to try now,Because breastfeeding was taught by Guan Hao,You can’t give up without despairing to a certain extent。
then,After the director checks the room,Came to the ward,Gently massage her according to the meridian points,Although it is light,She still hurts her teeth and mouth,In the end, I couldn’t help it and yelled out,This is the time of milk increase,Feeling her breasts hurt under her squeeze and torment, she is sweating profusely。
After Li Wei came in,Seeing Xiaoxia’s forehead drenched with water,The director is massaging her around the milk,He said immediately:“Shufang,what are you doing?”
Xiaoxia saw her cousin come in,Immediately pulled the clothes down embarrassedly。But was picked up by the director,The director’s forehead is also covered with sweat,Said:“I’m giving her a massage,She has no milk。”
Li Wei grabbed the director’s hand and said:“No milk formula,That does not work,Will hurt people。”
Doudou next to my sister heard her yelling in pain,Scared to cry,Hiding behind my dad and dare not look at my sister。
“You go out,Add chaos!”The director scolded Li Wei and his daughter。
Xia Jihan takes advantage of this gap,Pulled the clothes off,Wave to cousin,Means let them out。
Li Wei was embarrassed to see her,I took Doudou out,The director told her:“adhere to,Very hopeful。”