All Flash Star players who have entered the 18-man squad, including Lai Zekai,I think this home game against Youjiang Honglian,Hu Lai will definitely start。

But when the team starts from the Shining Star Liucheng training base,When arriving at the Provincial Sports Center in the northern part of Jincheng City,Zhao Kangming announced the starting list of eleven people,Hu Lai is not in this list。
Lai Zekai is still the starter。
It’s as if what Zhao Kangming said when he replaced Lai Zekai in the last game was not perfunctory.,But the truth,He really has to rely on Lai Zekai in the next game!
After recovering, Lai Zekai did not expect his chance to be so easy、That arrives so fast。
He also glanced at Hu Lai in ecstasy。
Not just him,The other players also turned their eyes to Hu Lai。
After all, everyone knows that Hu Lai performed well in training,At the same time, he won the trust of the coach,In the end, it still failed to start,Some of them are worried about Hu Lai,Some people are simply curious about how Hu Lai will react。
Hu Lai has no response,He is expressionless,Can’t see it’s upset,Still confused。
After the head coach Zhao Kangming announced the starting list,,Obviously saw the action of everyone looking at Hu Lai,Didn’t explain much。
He believes in the tacit understanding between Yihulai and himself,No need to explain,Saying it seems artificial and hypocritical。
Besides, he didn’t want to explain to Hu Lai in front of so many people.——The dignified coach just because the players failed to start,I have to explain to him specifically?What do other players think?Is it true that all the players who are not selected for the starting lineup in the future will have to explain themselves?
Not so hypocritical。
Hu Lai will definitely understand why he didn’t rank him in the starting lineup.。
“All right,Go out to warm up!”Assistant coach Chen Mo stood up,Slap。
The players got up and walked outside the locker room。