And only learned afterwards:I found more than 20 people under the bridge,And this family of three,Are the only three who survived!And this family of three is lucky,The child was basically unharmed,And her parents’ injuries are not very serious,At least they won’t be disabled。

This is also a blessing in misfortune。
The special forces king who likes the beautiful president, please collect it:()The special forces king of the beautiful president。
Chapter three thousand seven hundred and sixty two Pity the innocent people
So the first person to hear that kid cry is a hero,And Murong Xiaoyao, who risked his life to climb in to save people, is of course even more heroic.!And it is precisely because of Murong’s key,Shen’s sister was pushed on the headlines again。
Murong Xiaoyao became after Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,The third“famous”Shen’s sister,Of course these are for later。
Murong Xiaoyao is with her mother“rest”After half an hour,The mother and daughter returned to the guard post together,As a result, Murong Qiaoyao was captured by the TV camera and captured a lot of heroism.,Meilun Meiyang’s photos……
Two o’clock at night,The scene of the accident confirmed that there are no more buried or suppressed people,So Qin Liang and Yanzi took their dragon soul fighters to go home,Follow-up work,No need for heavily armed soldiers to maintain order,So the Shen sisters stay here,It’s really a waste of girls’ time and energy。
But anyone can go,Even plums can go,Only Yang Shiyun can’t leave。
“master,How about I stay here with you。”
Meizi can’t bear to let her master“A person”Stayed。
“Silly girl,You are the detective captain of Haishang City Bureau,You still have a lot of work and things to do tomorrow,It’s okay for me to be sleepy when I’m on duty in the command center tomorrow,Did you get sleepy when you solved the case and arrested someone??obedient,Hurry back to rest,Just have me here,No, don’t spend your detective captain here too,And the rescue here is over,The follow-up work is basically nothing to do with the police。”
Yang Shiyun smiled and answered Meizi。
“OK then,Master, call me immediately if you have something to do。”