“Bang bang bang!”

There is a clear sound of being knocked away,Success in one fell swoop。
outside,Yun Xiaowen and they are still working hard,But their attacks are simply ant-like elephants to the entire cage formation,Can’t do anything。
Dai Tianbao stopped:“You listen。”
Others don’t understand,Stop also,Learn to wear Tianbao induction。
“not good!”Dai Tianbao was surprised,Hurriedly pulled Yun Xiaowen next to him,“Get down。”
Other people moved,Quickly learn to get down。
At this moment, the roulette produced by the rotation of black, purple and white directly breaks through the border of Jiafu,Spread to the surroundings at an altitude of 100 meters。
Centered on Jiafu,The sky within a radius,Have been swept by this power。
As for the suffering,Naturally those very tall buildings,Many people are busy inside,Suddenly a force passed。
They are still alive,just……The building seems to have been cut off,It still exists because the power is too fast,It’s almost too late for the building。
Even look outside,Except for one layer of glass, all disappeared,No other place is the slightest difference。
“Bah bah bah bah!”
Dai Tianbao vomited the dirt out of his mouth,As a warrior entering the holy realm,He was actually scared at the moment,Obediently,What kind of power was that just now?
Xia Chenglong and Patriarch Yun looked at each other and smiled,They are still alive,It’s pretty good。
Although some injuries,But okay,Really broke this cage,now,They can walk out swaggeringly,Without any worries。