Even if Ye Tianzong took out 600,000,But in the eyes of everyone,This is already his limit。

Buy a car again,It’s no different from idiotic dreams。
“My rules are simple。”
“A while,Team leader Wu is responsible for selecting luxury cars in the store,Price doesn’t matter,What he likes。”
“We all swipe the card,Keep brushing,Until which party is unable to pay。”
“and,Based on current property,No loans allowed,Cannot be transferred by others,Can only rely on current financial resources。”
“This,Win or lose,do you understand?!”
Everyone took a breath。
Such an ingenious way of throwing money,It really opened everyone’s eyes。
Local tyrants are different,Speak this method,Don’t talk about it,Is myself,Also learned that it was difficult。
And Sun Yongji Kari still has 6 million。
This is his pocket money for a month。
Cope with this poor,enough。