Shen Ruoxi said with an awkward smile。

“you are too tired,During this time, the spirit has been in a state of high tension,Forgetfulness is a normal body reaction,It’s okay,You have to control your emotions,Try not to think about it,everything will get better。”
Yang Shiyun can only continue to comfort Shen Ruoxi,Although she also knows clearly:What I said,Actually, it won’t have any effect on Shen Ruoxi,Care is chaos!As Shen Ruoxue’s sister,How could Shen Ruoxi feel relieved about her sister?,That is impossible,Everyone is the same。
But it doesn’t work,Words of comfort must be said,This is both the responsibility and obligation of being a girlfriend,Also“Same tribulation”Position and attitude。
“This time Xiaoxue,I’m hurting you guys again,Ugh……”
Shen Ruoxi resignedly thanked the two good girlfriends。
“shit,Did you have nothing to say to us??”
Chapter three thousand six hundred and twenty What happened just now
Chapter three thousand six hundred and twenty What happened just now
Murong Shan immediately replied dismissively,Of course, I didn’t forget to give Shen Ruoxi a big eyeball by the way.。
“Involve a woolen thread!Xiaoxue is not only your sister,Is also our sister, OK??Save all your thank you words,Don’t have a word。”
Yang Shiyun also looked deliberately indifferent“hate”A few words from Shen Ruoxi。
“Can you two talk to me softly?Why is it like taking gunpowder??”
Shen Ruoxi said awkwardly。
“Because what you just said we don’t like to listen,understand?”
Murong Shan still replied unceremoniously。
“Just,We don’t like to listen,understand?”