The girl opposite Boss Lin suddenly asked aloud。

“Oh,I’m looking at those two bonsai,I plan to get two pots back and put them in my living room。”Boss Lin casually talked a few nonsense,He doesn’t want the guy at the next table to know that he has been staring at his girlfriend,So easy to be beaten!Young people now,I’m so short-tempered,And don’t care about fighting,Dare to play any black hand,Do not consider any consequences,
Although Boss Lin is rich,,But I don’t want to make myself trouble。
really,The guy who was already looking at Boss Lin with slanted eyes,Heard him say that,I turned my eyes back……
“Does bonsai look good with me?Don’t you look at me?”
Boss Lin said coquettishly to the girl opposite。
“Look good when you are not wearing clothes,It’s not so good when you wear clothes,Ha ha。”
Boss Lin lasciviously teased the girl opposite。
“hate,Bad virtue!”
The girl pretended to be shy and replied,Started to study the menu again。
Boss Lin looked out the window for a while,Nothing to do again,Then after a while,He turned his face around again,By pretending to appreciate the opportunity of bonsai,I started to secretly admire the girl next to me again。
“Should I also go in to protect the safety of Bai Tao and his girlfriend??”
The outside of the restaurant is hidden in a police car behind a big tree,Meizi asked uneasy。
“Okay plum,Ten boss Lin can’t beat Bai Tao alone,Don’t worry,Hehe。”
Liu Xiaoyun answered proudly。
“Isn’t it?So drag?”
Meizi asked in surprise。“Xiaoyun,I want to exhort you;You are no longer the tiger girl who used to be a big sister,You are Liu Xiaoyun now,Is the Dragon Soul Warrior,It’s a special police,So when you talk and do errands,Must pay attention to what you say and do,What you represent now
Not just yourself,Or the image of the special forces and the image of the police。”