Liu Xiaoyun asked deliberately again,In fact, these are usually what she and Shen Ruoxue teach Mandarin Duck by hand,Isn’t this asking knowingly?……

The mandarin duck’s helpless answer。
“OK,That’s enough,Waiting on the battlefield,When you see an enemy who is alone, shoot him to death,See the enemy crowded,Throw a grenade to kill them,It’s that simple。”
Liu Xiaoyun flicked and flicked the mandarin duck……Fighting on the battlefield is as simple as she said,Then it’s not a war,That’s playing house。
Swallow was amused。
“Sister Yanzi,Be serious,Do not laugh,I’m teaching mandarin ducks seriously。”
Liu Xiaoyun said everything to Yanzi。“Nonsense!Are you teaching her?You are pitting her at all, OK??mandarin duck,Don’t listen to Xiaoyun,She is teasing you,You and Luna are indeed on the mission,But not on the battlefield,and,There are seven dragon soul fighters participating in this operation,You and Luna are
Two of them。”
Or swallow kind,Tell Luna and Mandarin Duck the truth really。
“Are you going to catch the bad guys??”
The mandarin duck asked carefully again,Liu Xiaoyun“Kidnapping”After entering the Dragon Soul,Only participated in one real action,That was the last time we hunted“Skin monkey”Song Junjie’s action,So she naively thought that she was going to catch bad guys again。
“Do not,This time I’m not going to catch the bad guys,But to protect good people,Protect three of their own,Three cute little girls as beautiful as you。”
The swallow coaxed a child。
“Oh,OK then,But I feel that I can’t even protect myself now!How can I protect others……”
Mandarin Duck is very frank。
“That’s why you need to exercise!Luna,Although seven people participated in the operation this time,But the only girls are you and the mandarin duck,She is a newcomer,So you have to take care of her,I’ll leave her to you,Understand?”
Yanzi told Luna quite seriously。