someone said:Men cheating is half the responsibility of women,A woman cheating is a man’s sole responsibility!Jiang Fan chewed this sentence countless times,He can’t think of his responsibility?

After falling asleep,Jiang Fan dreamed of his daughter Niuniu,Bare a bite of white teeth,Grinning,With two chubby little hands,Said to him“Dad hug,Dad hug。”
In sleep,Jiang Fan subconsciously opened his arms,But before he picks up his daughter,I was awakened by my own actions,He was in a cold sweat……
First33chapter Meet Hu Li again
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May Day Eve,Sponsored by the Agency Working Committee and the Federation of Literary and Art Circles、The city’s calligraphy, fine art and photography art exhibition organized by Kangzhou Jindun Economic and Trade Company is in the multifunctional hall east of Kangzhou Hotel,Officially launched。More than one thousand works from all walks of life in the city, including Zhongzhi units and officers and soldiers of the garrison troops will be exhibited。
The specifications of this exhibition are very high,Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Di Guihe presided over the opening ceremony,Chairman of the Federation of Literary and Art Circles introduced the exhibition,Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Fan Wenliang、Daishi Changjiang Sails are all participating in the opening ceremony as participating authors。
Because both the secretary and the mayor have works exhibited,Members of the municipal party committee and the government’s several large groups paid great attention to this exhibition。《Kangzhou News》Newspaper and Kangzhou TV also gave full coverage。Exhibition day,Jiang Fan accompanied Fan Wenliang to see all the works one by one。
Peng Changyi came to the exhibition site just after get off work in the afternoon,Just walked into the lobby,A faint scent of ink hits your face。There are still people visiting in twos and threes。Because I know that both Secretary Fan and Jiang Fan have works in the exhibition,After he comes in, he rushes to the most conspicuous place。
really,In the most noticeable place,Hanging the two characters Fan Wenliang,One is by Yue Fei《Man Jianghong》。One of the great leaders《Qilu·Long March》,There is also a banner,There are seven big characters of Qi Jin“The road we have taken。”
He came closer,Just took a few glances,I found that an old man in white clothes and black trousers was also looking carefully at Secretary Fan’s words.。
Suddenly Peng Changyi found that the profile of the old man was a bit familiar,He turned his head to look,Couldn’t help laughing。This one is not tall、Thin face、The cleanly dressed old man is Master Hu Lihu, the guard in Beicheng District。
Last time sent a letter to Beicheng,It was this master who blocked himself in the communication room and waited for Zhu Guoqing,Later, after dealing with his mother’s funeral, he returned to Beicheng District to pick up the car,I found that the old man wiped his motorcycle very clean,He took out a box of filter cigarettes prepared in advance,To Master Hu。Master Hu is not welcome,I accepted it readily。
Peng Changyi did not expect,An old man watching the gate,Actually interested in calligraphy,To be precise, I am interested in the works of Secretary Fan,Because Peng Changyi found out that when he came in, the old man was standing here and watching,Wait for Peng Changyi to finish reading the two poems silently,The old man still did not move。
Peng Changyi turned his head,Said to the old man:“Master Hu,Hello。”