Liu Xiaoyun suddenly pointed his finger in one direction and yelled!

“Where is where?”
Shen Ruoxue’s attention was immediately attracted to the rabbit……But I don’t know there are no rabbits,Liu Xiaoyun is just bluffing,Deliberately divert her attention,So I can stop the topic just now。
“Ran into the grass over there,What a big one!”
Liu Xiaoyun said that。
“Shall we go find it??”
Shen Ruoxue asked eagerly。
“Forget it,We are on mission,Catch rabbits when performing tasks,Don’t be scolded to death by Sister Yanzi!”
Liu Xiaoyun smiled and discouraged Shen Ruoxue。
“Ugh……I really want to catch a rabbit。”
Shen Ruoxue said with a tangled sigh,She still plays too hard,I forgot everything when I saw the fun,But the strange thing is:She was not like this when she was in school before。
“It’s okay,In the future, we will have the opportunity to catch little rabbits, little squirrels or something,Not urgent,I promise to accompany you to catch enough。”
Liu Xiaoyun hurriedly comforted Shen Ruoxue。
Shen Ruoxue reluctantly agreed,No way if you don’t agree,There are swallows,She really didn’t dare to do whatever she wanted,Qin Liang is not afraid of her,But Yanzi is really scared。
“Move your body quickly,We will have at least two hours away in a while,Looking back, you are tired of riding in the car again。”
Liu Xiaoyun still cares about Shen Ruoxue,To this girlfriend,She really has no reservations and treats her well for her sake,of course,Shen Ruoxue did the same to her。