After a long time,Turned out to be a misunderstanding,After all, the boxing tournament is no ordinary trifle。It represents the rise and fall of the entire family。

“Brother Dai,I hope you leave here as soon as your injury recovers。”
Xia Chenglong did this,Naturally to better protect each other,Anyway, everything from the Dai family has been attributed to them nominally,Then no one will look at Dai Jia。
“This one is more complicated,I’m afraid I can’t explain clearly to you for a while。”Xia Chenglong frowned,“But don’t worry,We don’t want a copy of the things you wear。”
“You do not want?”
Now,The people in the room stare,Who would dislike his own money??
“Yes,If Brother Dai is willing,We are willing to cooperate with you,If not willing,No one will threaten you。”
Dai Tianbao lying in bed,I am still at a loss as to what happened at this moment,It’s already fine and cedes the property,Don’t want the winning side。
As for cooperation,That direct reception is two complete concepts,As long as it’s not a fool,All know that the latter has to earn more。
“how?Brother Dai doesn’t believe it?This is Mr. Mu from the Fighting Fist Conference,You can ask her。”
Mengdie smiled:“according to rules,Everything is decided by the winning side,If they are willing to take no action against the loser,We will also respect their opinions。”
“brother,brother,So our home is saved?”