“Well,I tell you,in fact,This is Wing Chun。”

When Ye Xuan was talking here,obviously,The actions shown by Ye Xuan,place it here,It’s like moving clouds and flowing water。
Even here,After seeing Ye Xuan’s power,。
obviously,Ye Zhiqiang is really timid。
“Do not,It is absolutely impossible。”
Ye Zhiqiang clearly felt it,But these,For Ye Zhiqiang,Much more fierce。
And seeing these,at this time,Ye Xuan whole person,Smile indifferently。
“All right,Now words,Actually, there is no need to entangle these things。”
“But then,Actually there is one more thing,It is necessary to do it!”
When Ye Xuan saw this,Ye Xuan didn’t forget to speak directly here。
And as Ye Xuan finished,Ye Zhiqiang sighed。
“Ugh,I lost。”
after all,Ye Zhiqiang really lost,Willing to bet,Actually this,Nothing shameful。
And at the moment,When Ye Xuan looked at Ye Zhiqiang,,The corners of the whole person’s mouth rise slightly,Bring up an intriguing smile。