“That’s true。”

Old Gu said when Xiaoju picked up the burger before putting it in his mouth:“Chrysanthemum,You have been in school for so long,Is there anyone to talk about?” Xiaoju smiled,She is a little embarrassed,Said:“Tell you don’t laugh at us,People say that first grade is when you are in love,Because I just left home,Lonely,Everyone talk,We are no […]

“Well,I tell you,in fact,This is Wing Chun。”

When Ye Xuan was talking here,obviously,The actions shown by Ye Xuan,place it here,It’s like moving clouds and flowing water。 Even here,After seeing Ye Xuan’s power,。 obviously,Ye Zhiqiang is really timid。 “Do not,It is absolutely impossible。” Ye Zhiqiang clearly felt it,But these,For Ye Zhiqiang,Much more fierce。 And seeing these,at this time,Ye Xuan whole person,Smile indifferently。 “All […]

After a long time,Turned out to be a misunderstanding,After all, the boxing tournament is no ordinary trifle。It represents the rise and fall of the entire family。

“Brother Dai,I hope you leave here as soon as your injury recovers。” “why?” Xia Chenglong did this,Naturally to better protect each other,Anyway, everything from the Dai family has been attributed to them nominally,Then no one will look at Dai Jia。 “This one is more complicated,I’m afraid I can’t explain clearly to you for a while。”Xia […]

Liu Xiaoyun suddenly pointed his finger in one direction and yelled!

“Where is where?” Shen Ruoxue’s attention was immediately attracted to the rabbit……But I don’t know there are no rabbits,Liu Xiaoyun is just bluffing,Deliberately divert her attention,So I can stop the topic just now。 “Ran into the grass over there,What a big one!” Liu Xiaoyun said that。 “Shall we go find it??” Shen Ruoxue asked eagerly。 […]

someone said:Men cheating is half the responsibility of women,A woman cheating is a man’s sole responsibility!Jiang Fan chewed this sentence countless times,He can’t think of his responsibility?

After falling asleep,Jiang Fan dreamed of his daughter Niuniu,Bare a bite of white teeth,Grinning,With two chubby little hands,Said to him“Dad hug,Dad hug。” In sleep,Jiang Fan subconsciously opened his arms,But before he picks up his daughter,I was awakened by my own actions,He was in a cold sweat…… >> !! ———— First33chapter Meet Hu Li again Chapter error,Click […]

This kid will really hold a grudge,I still remember what I said last year,Villain,Standard villain!Tilted,Lu Feng staring at Fang Yourong with slanted eyes is very hot,This is the national capitalist、Vocabulary used by politicians,Why criticize him?

Ignore Lufeng, whose manner is not elegant at all,Fang Yourong continued:“Speaking freely seems like a vocabulary for honest communication,But it will cause employees to have psychological panic and worry。And what determines the direction of this contrast is precisely the leader himself in order to establish a good managerial style.,The management of a company calls the […]

Yanzi said with emotion。

“Sister Yanzi,Next time we take you to rob the armory。” Shen Ruoxue said triumphantly。 “it is good……” Swallow wailed nonchalantly and agreed。 “Why are you standing??Hurry up and help us take off our things!We are almost exhausted!” Shen Ruoxue shouted again to the little sisters who were watching…… ———— Chapter three thousand nine hundred and […]

Liu Xiaoyun asked deliberately again,In fact, these are usually what she and Shen Ruoxue teach Mandarin Duck by hand,Isn’t this asking knowingly?……

“meeting……” The mandarin duck’s helpless answer。 “OK,That’s enough,Waiting on the battlefield,When you see an enemy who is alone, shoot him to death,See the enemy crowded,Throw a grenade to kill them,It’s that simple。” Liu Xiaoyun flicked and flicked the mandarin duck……Fighting on the battlefield is as simple as she said,Then it’s not a war,That’s playing house。 […]

The girl opposite Boss Lin suddenly asked aloud。

“Oh,I’m looking at those two bonsai,I plan to get two pots back and put them in my living room。”Boss Lin casually talked a few nonsense,He doesn’t want the guy at the next table to know that he has been staring at his girlfriend,So easy to be beaten!Young people now,I’m so short-tempered,And don’t care about fighting,Dare […]

Shen Ruoxi said with an awkward smile。

“you are too tired,During this time, the spirit has been in a state of high tension,Forgetfulness is a normal body reaction,It’s okay,You have to control your emotions,Try not to think about it,everything will get better。” Yang Shiyun can only continue to comfort Shen Ruoxi,Although she also knows clearly:What I said,Actually, it won’t have any effect […]