They are together,Will be forced to separate!

“My father,Do you understand?” Mei Xingyun is in Fang Yu’s arms,Feel at ease。 “Yep,Already said……I said I was going back to Qingxin City。It may take a while to find you……”Fang Yu explained。 “That works too!Father understands things,Know you are not a person who changes your heart easily……Considerate!This trip,Is it dangerous?” Although Mei Xingyun is materialistic。 […]

Old Gu smiled and said nothing,He already understood Peng Changyi’s intention。

Qi Xiang just closed his eyes,After walking a few steps against the floor tiles of the blind road,Just open your eyes,Turned his head and glanced at Peng Changyi,Said:“Ha ha,No way,Scared,Afraid of falling。” Peng Changyi said:“If you are blind,You will especially believe in this blind channel,Because this is a channel just for you,but,You opened your eyes […]

Qin Liang’s doubts,But I was smiling:He absolutely believes that Liu Xiaoyun’s judgment cannot be wrong,If the judgment is wrong,That’s not Liu Xiaoyun。

“We can all go together,Take a stroll,Enjoy the beautiful scenery。” Liu Xiaoyun did not directly answer Qin Liang’s doubts,But he turned around and said to everyone。 So everyone followed Liu Xiaoyun collectively“set off”Up,Even Yang Zhiqiang’s son Ma Lin and Zhao Tuo curiously followed behind the girls…… The base is surrounded by undulating hills,Wild flowers everywhere,A […]

I know there are important things to be busy tomorrow,So I plan to rest early。

The black-robed man appeared in the courtyard,Yueer appeared at the door,After feeling the familiar breath under the black robe, silently disappeared into the darkness。 “Creak!”Door open。 Ye Ziqi turned her back to the door,The beautiful clothes on her body are slowly slipping from the fragrant shoulders,A long hair is naturally scattered behind,Cause countless ripples。 Even […]

Shen Ruoxue’s excited cry came from the bathroom。

“Business is coming!”Qin Liang listened,Hurry up,Came to the big bathroom。 This big bathroom is very spacious,Qin Liang also used it before,The bathing area is separated from the sanitary outside with frosted glass,Qin Liang came to the bathroom quietly,As a mercenary,Find a place that is not easy to find,I’m still here,Even a small place like a […]

“You are telling the truth?”

Zhuang Hai asked suspiciously。 “Everything is the truth,I am desperate now,Went here……I don’t want the boss to suffer from that kid because of his carelessness,So I have to say these things,After all, Young Master Zhuang has already suffered a big loss!” Zhao Xiaoliang’s words are indeed from his heart。He finally found Zhuang Yong, a bigger […]

Su Mei is holding,Is an indictment。She wants to compete with Su Xi for the property right of Su Xi’s old house。

Before the Su family left,Su Xi thought she could stay,You can leave some property,Earned a lot of property。Among them is this old house。Originally belonged to Su Ruo,Su Ruo transferred the account to Su Xi,Su Ruo paid the handling fee。Because including Su Ruo,I think they will be back soon,This little money is nothing。As long as you […]

After a moment of cold,Qin Liang asked with a bitter smile。

“Can’t,The kind that honestly made me beat。” Yang Shiyun’s serious answer。 “Forget it……” After Qin Liang thought about it,Still shook his head and rejected Yang Shiyun’s plea,You can’t hide without fighting back,Then you must not let Yang Shiyun be beaten into a half body!Qin Liang wouldn’t be so stupid。 “I beg you,Let me hit you […]

Liu Xiaoyun started targeting Shen Ruoxue again,This is just like when Shen Ruoxue put her hands on other girls before,She’s not like a accomplice!When do you do such a bad thing,She’s not missing。

“Piping away!Is there a chest addiction?!What nonsense!” Rao is Shen Ruoxue’s thick skin,Liu Xiaoyun is shy and embarrassed when he teases her like this。 “That’s wrong,I don’t have a chest addiction,But I have a hobby,I just see,I want to hug my mother and sleep with my arms around。” Liu Xiaoyun deliberately pretended to look like […]

So Qin Liang changed the subject。

“mouse?lizard?Still snake?Not learn!Starve to death。” Instead, Song Min resolutely refused。 “……” Qin Liang was instantly embarrassed,Only then did he discover:It’s not easy to bring students in my group!because,I can’t afford it!Only one Chen Hao who is more obedient can bully,But in front of Shen Ruoxi, Murongshan and Song Min,It’s obviously impossible to bully Chen Hao。 […]