Even if Ye Tianzong took out 600,000,But in the eyes of everyone,This is already his limit。

Buy a car again,It’s no different from idiotic dreams。 “My rules are simple。” “A while,Team leader Wu is responsible for selecting luxury cars in the store,Price doesn’t matter,What he likes。” “We all swipe the card,Keep brushing,Until which party is unable to pay。” “and,Based on current property,No loans allowed,Cannot be transferred by others,Can only rely on […]

“Bang bang bang!”

There is a clear sound of being knocked away,Success in one fell swoop。 outside,Yun Xiaowen and they are still working hard,But their attacks are simply ant-like elephants to the entire cage formation,Can’t do anything。 Dai Tianbao stopped:“You listen。” Ok? Others don’t understand,Stop also,Learn to wear Tianbao induction。 “not good!”Dai Tianbao was surprised,Hurriedly pulled Yun Xiaowen […]

And only learned afterwards:I found more than 20 people under the bridge,And this family of three,Are the only three who survived!And this family of three is lucky,The child was basically unharmed,And her parents’ injuries are not very serious,At least they won’t be disabled。

This is also a blessing in misfortune。 The special forces king who likes the beautiful president, please collect it:()The special forces king of the beautiful president。 ———— Chapter three thousand seven hundred and sixty two Pity the innocent people So the first person to hear that kid cry is a hero,And Murong Xiaoyao, who risked […]

All Flash Star players who have entered the 18-man squad, including Lai Zekai,I think this home game against Youjiang Honglian,Hu Lai will definitely start。

But when the team starts from the Shining Star Liucheng training base,When arriving at the Provincial Sports Center in the northern part of Jincheng City,Zhao Kangming announced the starting list of eleven people,Hu Lai is not in this list。 Lai Zekai is still the starter。 It’s as if what Zhao Kangming said when he replaced […]


First291chapter Whose child is Everyone welcomes you,Please remember this site address:,,For reading anytime《Absolute power》latest chapter. Xia Jihan,Ask to try now,Because breastfeeding was taught by Guan Hao,You can’t give up without despairing to a certain extent。 then,After the director checks the room,Came to the ward,Gently massage her according to the meridian points,Although it is light,She still hurts […]

Ding Naixiang used it twice“Regardless of”This sentence,Really express a father’s love for his daughter。

Jiang Fan said quickly:“I can’t sit still if you say that,I will have no place。If you don’t dislike,I formally request you,Marry me your daughter,I will use my whole life to care for her。” Tears gushing in Ding Naixiang’s eyes again,He looked at Jiang Fan,Said excitedly:“Ok,Ok,As long as my daughter is willing,As long as you give […]

Peng Changyi helped Shuqing sit down,Help her pick up the bag that landed on the lower seat,Put aside on the seat。

Shu Qing trimmed her hair messed up by Peng Changyi,While saying:“Master Gu,why did you leave,Haven’t seen a doctor yet?” Always smile but don’t answer。 Shu Qing looked back at Peng Changyi,Look at him carefully,I saw Peng Changyi smiling and looking at her,She is a little bit inexplicable,Said:“Are you sick?” Peng Changyi does not answer,Just smile […]

“so smart?”Peng Changyi said。

“Do you think。I just said she was a child prodigy?Born to engage in philosophical research。”Teacher Jin said。 “After that, I don’t dare to make a joke to her,I’m still arrogant and faulty?”Peng Changyi said embarrassedly。 “Ha ha,Nothing,That girl is a genius in her field,But IQ in other areas is much worse,She won’t care if you […]


“Have you contacted him recently?” “No。” “I had a sorority party in Beijing last New Year’s Day,He came back from Deshan,find me,He seems to say that you have not contacted for a long time,why?” “No reason,Nothing happened,I don’t know what to say even if I contact,Just came here。” ———— First93chapter Love and hate of old couples […]

“Aunt Su,Everything I do is for him to come back to me。”Luo Ting finally wiped the tears off her face。

“If you’re looking for Lao Liao, let him know,Can he come back?”Aunt Su suspected that。 “He knows best why I do this。”Luo Ting said confidently。 “Tinger,You should find Xiaoguan,Talk to him,Should not……” “Aunt Su。”Luo Ting interrupted Aunt Su and said:“I won’t take the initiative to talk to him,I will let him take the initiative to […]