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At least today5chapter! Guiqiu everyone can have a chance to make me break out!! Guiqiu certain genuine subscription!!! Kowtow!!! ———— First117chapter Kaye is smart!(Sixth more) Saturday night,8O’clock。 《I sing my song》64Advance32Strong last game,Officially started。 Originally24Contestants12Last seats,But because Han Donger and Fu Bufan are separate“resurrection”A player,Just26People。 This format seems a bit troublesome,So simply26Direct all,Then according to […]

I saw the bound Qianyu slowly open his eyes……

The ink-colored pupils have been stained with a little cold color,But still retains some emotion…… Qianyu indifferently“It’s the youngest Xuan?” A middle-aged man in a white robe walked in…… Qianyu saw this strange man,Eyes condenses“you are?” The middle-aged man stared at Qianyu in a calm tone“It doesn’t matter who i am,The important thing is,I just […]

Guo Qi clenched his fists,Immediately grabbed Yuntian’s neck and said coldly:“old man,I can’t deal with that kid, do you really think this guy can’t kill you??”

Yuntian was slowly lifted into the air by Guo Qi,Blinking eyes, Yuntian disappeared into the air,Appeared directly at a distance of tens of meters,At this moment, Yuntian looked at Guo Qi with the soul-breaking gun in hand。 “Oh,By the way, this is the inner world of the Soul Breaker,I forgot,Here you are invincible,But this seat […]

Just look at the total score of both teams,I would think it was won by two offensive teams.,The total score at half time is as high as135separated,Such high-scoring games are very rare in this era。Mainly in this defense,The era when insiders are king,Slow-paced offense is the mainstream。

Each team will get70Minute80Points are also very common,It’s rare for absolute teams like the Lakers and Jazz to play such high-scoring games.。Both defenses are top in the league,Even if it’s not number one,Definitely ranked in the top five。Even so,Both sides’ offense is still scary and efficient,This shows how strong Kobe and the Jazz offensively。 Kobe […]

Wang Yufei nodded,I even gave the Provincial No. 1 Middle School a thumbs up in my heart。It’s a key middle school in a big city,Physical education teachers are so strong in summarizing ability,In a few words, he summarized his situation in these two days clearly。

“Ok,then you go。Basketball is not for you。”Lao Gao waved his hand simply and lonely。 I finally plan to use the residual heat before retirement,The result was a little genius? Such good conditions,He can’t compete。 Lao Gao doesn’t doubt that Wang Yufei is bragging。 For over half a hundred years,The old Gao who was once a […]

Pretty woman,Sure enough, it will be an eye-catching existence everywhere。Shen Huan to Beauty.Women have always good memory,Not to mention Buyi’s eyes that seem to have hooks,You can’t admit it at a glance。

“Let’s go,Get in the car。”Buyi did not answer,But a very cheerful invitation。 “it is good。” Shen Huan also knows that this is not a place to talk,It won’t be long before Bu Yiyi will be recognized,It will be difficult to get out again then。 Buyiyi’s nanny car is in a nearby parking lot.。 Got in […]

“Show me the way,Go early and return early,Otherwise, let my uncle find out,Then it’s no show。”

Brother Li sees that Mirang likes to flatter so much,Disdain。 “Yes Yes Yes!!!I’ll show you the way, Master。” Chapter 203 Trouble Car home!Che Zhifu glanced,The room decorated by my nanny for Master Jin。 Find,Nothing to continue decorating。 Wave,Signal to the nanny to leave。 then,Pick up your phone,Call your cousin Zhuo Sihan immediately。 As for why […]

Mo Xiaosheng sighed softly,He really doesn’t know how to comfort Mo Zizhen。

“I didn’t take care of my brother!“ A trace of pain flashed across Mo Zizhen’s face,A sad expression of self-blame。 “Second master,It’s not you,If i guess right,The enemies you met this time are absolutely extraordinary, right??!“ Mo Xiaosheng said in a deep voice,“May not be able to contend with ordinary special forces!“ Mo Zizhen’s face […]

“Gary,I don’t think he is blind。”Camp looked at Kobe’s cold eyes,A little guilty。

“Nonsense!Just mongolian!Have the ability to enter another!”Glove Payton roared out!Three points is not impossible to prevent,Payton can die Kobe。But then Kobe’s breakthrough success rate would be scary! In this game, George Carr’s defensive arrangement is all around blocking Kobe’s breakthrough.!Move the whole body!At this time, changing the defensive strategy is likely to result in the […]

“Appeared!Kobe’s domineering three-pointer!The three-point skill Kobe didn’t use much in the playoffs!From the regular season4.3Shot down to2.9Times!But his hit rate37.8%Improved to43.5%!”

“Kobe prefers to play in the playoffs,Also cast a lot in the middle distance。But his three-pointer doesn’t mean he can’t shoot。He is to avoid being counterattacked by the opponent under the intense confrontation of the playoffs,Or he is hiding?”Hill speculates。 “All possible,The Kings didn’t need Kobe to shoot three-pointers in the first round。Second round of […]