Qin Liang said frankly。

“puff……” Shen Ruoxi was amused。 “Do not laugh,I mean it,This is a very serious question,You have to believe me。” Qin Liang said pitifully。 “cut,You said it yourself,I didn’t force you to say,Even a pit,That’s what you dug for yourself,What’s my business?Why do I have to believe you?You confessed this on your own initiative。” Shen Ruoxi […]

“You don’t have to say,Everyone can hear it,My dear sister。”

Yang Shiyun replied mischievously。 “puff,Are you two starting to argue??Then hurry up,We all listen carefully。” Qin Liang immediately beat a side drum and said。 “do not,I don’t quarrel with her,I can’t beat her,I can’t tell her,I don’t want to insult myself。” Shen Ruoxi’s exaggerated answer。 “sister,What are you talking about……I can’t have a good chat?” […]

“smokes!”Hu Lixin muffled。

Then he stood in the dark kitchen,The last cigarette was shaken out of the empty cigarette case。 After lighting,Put it in your mouth and take a deep breath,Spit out again。 In the fog,He stared at the night sky outside the window in a daze。 recently,A bit fussy…… ———— Chapter Twenty Six Don’t go in early […]

“Do you still post the bill??”Zheng Haiming glanced at Shang Mei,Ask directly。

Baby Ou hesitated,Shook his head,“Don’t you say that online stuff is cheap??What my classmate said。”Her daily expenses,Sister Mei is responsible for the bills,She really didn’t pay attention to such things as bills。She also understands what Uncle Zheng meant——She has money,No concept。 “.”indeed,The original intention of people shopping online,All to save money。But now,E-commerce era,Online shopping has […]

At last,Jiang Fan mainly reported to Fan Wenliang about the ribbon-cutting activities of the Administrative Approval Center。Fan Wenliang listens most of the time,Ask specific questions occasionally,After listening to Jiang Fan’s arrangement:“Ok,Your activity plan is very thorough,I can’t fault it,The only thing is that I hope you will ensure that your diet is safe that day,Summer is too hot,Food must be strictly controlled,Take care of the health of the provincial leaders participating in the ceremony,Don’t spend too much time outside,Try to arrange as many indoor activities as possible,and also……”

Said,this day,He looked at Jiang Fan,Seriously:“Prevent emergencies。and so,Security work should be more mindful,Although Lang Zhu has no unstable factors now,But never take it lightly。” Jiang Fan kept nodding and saying yes,at this point,Jiang Fan knows,Because of Langzhu’s unstable factors,I learned it when he was acting mayor,at this point,He never dared to take it lightly! Fan […]

After measuring for a long time, he called out timidly“father。”

Peng Changyi didn’t agree,But reached out and touched his round head vigorously,Said:“Little Bunny,I was strange to dad just a few days away?” Don’t know,Grinned,He has never heard of it“Little Bunny”this phrase,Repeated laughingly:“Little Bunny,Ha ha……” Peng Changyi sees his son’s expressions,Hug him in your arms,Gave him a hard kiss on the cheek,When he still wants to […]

Murong Shan thoughtfully said。“Koyuki,Xiaoyun,I need you two to help me,You and Yu’er are not much different in age,There should be more common language,Her misery is already known to both of you,Now she is also an unaccompanied orphan,You two should treat her like a sister,To care about her

,Take care of her,Protect her。” Qin Liang showed his fraternity,Kind side。 “Yep,Brother-in-law, don’t worry,We will take care of her。” Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue both nodded and agreed。 “Oh my god,The first time I saw such a good side of Qin Liang……Rare。” Shen Ruoxi sighed。 “Is not……What do you mean?Why do I sound so awkward!Are […]

“Don’t care,Anyway, those cute little sisters are now under your control,You have to help us solve the problem of the daughter-in-law。”

Qiangzi started playing tricks。 “Pull it aside,Have the ability to chase by yourself,Don’t bother my Xiaoxue。” Yang Zhi came out again to help Shen Ruoxue。 “Hey,Yang Zhi,You are not so good like this, right!Do you dare to love someone,Is it not too painful to speak while standing??” Hadron said unconvinced。 “what……What kind of person!Don’t talk […]

“Should call the base,Let the base send engineers over。”

Yang Zhi suddenly spoke。 “Ok,Swallow,Call the base to report the situation here,Apply to send engineers,Apply for another special service team。” Qin Liang made a decision immediately。 “Why am I calling again?Why don’t you fight?” Swallow is tangled again。 “Because all the actions this time are the responsibility of your Shen family sisters,So of course you […]