Jiang Fan said quickly:“Brought,Brought。”He said to Ding Yi:“Take out your ID,After finishing,They can go home for the weekend。”

Ding Yi listened to him,Quickly take out your ID from your handbag,Put in front of staff。Jiang Fan also walked behind his desk,Open the drawer,Take out your own documents,Jokingly:“mine,Already ready,Just waiting for the lady to nod。” The staff were all amused by the mayor’s humor。 After verification,They have to sign and draw on the registered information。 […]

“It’s our bad,Poor work,Please criticize the mayor。”Director Shang emphasized this sentence repeatedly。

“Ugh,You are also following orders,To blame or to blame himself,Not self-respect。”Jiang Fan said。 Director Shang drank the water in the glass again and said:“mayor,I’m not sitting anymore,Unified action tonight,I have to go back,There is still a mess。” Jiang Fan stood up,Send him outside the door。 After Chief Shang is gone,,Lin Yan and Peng Changyi reported […]

So his face finally burst into a bright smile,I also raised my hand and waved in response to Li Qingqing。

of course,This action led to louder cheers in the stands,But Luo Kai turned a deaf ear,There is only smiling Li Qingqing in his eyes now。 Football is fair,Who behaves well and who is bad,Know it after playing。 Just like him,Isn’t it normal to win Li Qingqing’s favor?? at last,Qingqing is still lost…… Thought of here,Luo […]

“How can it be a turtle?Actually this,I think the key lies in what performance I can show。If I play like shit,Then it’s normal for them to scold me。But if I play well,Can they still scold?”Hu Lai said,“I said something bad,Give guidance。if……I mean if,in case,just in case,if,I helped our team win the East Asian Cup。Even if I really go through your back door, what will happen to me??”

Heard what Hu Lai said,Shi Wuyin smiled:“I found your boy’s tone is not so big,Open your mouth and shut your mouth is the champion,That champion。First the World Cup champion,Now the East Asian Cup champion。” Hu Lai smiled:“Give guidance,We play,Isn’t the ultimate goal the champion??It’s hard to say that I won the runner-up?” “You kid……Let’s not […]

After Fan Wenliang read a letter in his hand,And silently handed it over to Wang Jiadong,And leaned on the back of the sofa,Closed eyes。

This,It is the letter written by Zhang Liang, the director who died in Beicheng District, to the municipal party committee。 According to his wife’s orders before his death,Put it in the hands of the organization in front of the three city leaders。 Mrs. Zhang knows that the government is on the second floor,The municipal committee […]

Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“Yes,No delay。”

“But if you register,Got a marriage certificate,What do you propose?”Ding Yi asked inexplicably。 Jiang Fan explained:“Register,Is my need,Is also a political need,propose,Is a must have program。” “I……Don’t understand。”Ding Yi blinked and said。 Jiang Fan squeezed her hand vigorously,Said:“You don’t need to know anything,As long as you know how to love me。” “but,Why do you say […]

“same as usual……”

Fang Yu responded calmly。 all,It seems that I can’t go back to the easy days before。 “You are quite calm!Further study……How long will it take?” Jiang Wan’er continued to ask。 “Original time,At least three months……And during this period,You have to complete the thesis and practice, etc.……otherwise,Can’t graduate!” Fang Yu waved his hand。 “Calm,I believe you!” […]

Ding Yi doesn’t know what the mayor is going to say,Just nodded。

“Have trouble at work in the future,If you don’t see outside,Thinking of finding me。” Ding Yi is very moved,She took the mayor’s right hand,Shook hard,Said:“Thank you,mayor。” Jiang Fan is also very impulsive,He can’t wait to hold her in his arms again,But he suppressed his**,He knows this is a pretty girl,He doesn’t want to scare her,Scared […]

“Not now,Now if you don’t wear clothes,Just a cute girl。”

Swallow said with a smile。 “What!Swallow what do you say!Such as……If i don’t wear clothes……You girl,Why are you talking to my brother-in-law?!When i’m not wearing clothes,How could it be seen by others!Kind of cute,Dare i want it!” Yang Shiyun said immediately。 “Oh my god!I’m talking about if you don’t wear a police uniform!If you don’t […]

This book comes from

This book comes from Pinshu https: ———— Two thousand three hundred and fifty-five chapters How to take a bath together ? phone-reading Finished ribs,Several girls are rushing to wash dishes and chopsticks in the operating room。Pinshu “Poetry cloud,You are in class for a day,I went to buy a gift just now,And then send it to […]