“That’s true。”

Old Gu said when Xiaoju picked up the burger before putting it in his mouth:“Chrysanthemum,You have been in school for so long,Is there anyone to talk about?”
Xiaoju smiled,She is a little embarrassed,Said:“Tell you don’t laugh at us,People say that first grade is when you are in love,Because I just left home,Lonely,Everyone talk,We are no exception。”
“Oh,That’s a good thing,So we can care about each other,Helping each other。”Old Gu said。
Xiaoju said:“Mainly warm each other,Comfort each other。”
“Does Xiao Chen have it??”Old Gu tentatively asked。
“Didn’t she tell you?”Xiaoju asked rhetorically。
“No,I never heard her uncle say。”
“Should be considered as having,Anyway, we have a senior,One term higher than us,A handsome and sunny big boy,She has liked her since she first entered school。”
Old Gu corrected her and said:“Like it or not,That only counts as formal contact。”
Xiaoju thought about it:“at the beginning,Xiaojing is really not tempted,But recently my mind has become a bit more active,Started dating him alone。”
“How to date?”
“Just eat together,Hang out together。”

“Well,I tell you,in fact,This is Wing Chun。”

When Ye Xuan was talking here,obviously,The actions shown by Ye Xuan,place it here,It’s like moving clouds and flowing water。
Even here,After seeing Ye Xuan’s power,。
obviously,Ye Zhiqiang is really timid。
“Do not,It is absolutely impossible。”
Ye Zhiqiang clearly felt it,But these,For Ye Zhiqiang,Much more fierce。
And seeing these,at this time,Ye Xuan whole person,Smile indifferently。
“All right,Now words,Actually, there is no need to entangle these things。”
“But then,Actually there is one more thing,It is necessary to do it!”
When Ye Xuan saw this,Ye Xuan didn’t forget to speak directly here。
And as Ye Xuan finished,Ye Zhiqiang sighed。
“Ugh,I lost。”
after all,Ye Zhiqiang really lost,Willing to bet,Actually this,Nothing shameful。
And at the moment,When Ye Xuan looked at Ye Zhiqiang,,The corners of the whole person’s mouth rise slightly,Bring up an intriguing smile。

After a long time,Turned out to be a misunderstanding,After all, the boxing tournament is no ordinary trifle。It represents the rise and fall of the entire family。

“Brother Dai,I hope you leave here as soon as your injury recovers。”
Xia Chenglong did this,Naturally to better protect each other,Anyway, everything from the Dai family has been attributed to them nominally,Then no one will look at Dai Jia。
“This one is more complicated,I’m afraid I can’t explain clearly to you for a while。”Xia Chenglong frowned,“But don’t worry,We don’t want a copy of the things you wear。”
“You do not want?”
Now,The people in the room stare,Who would dislike his own money??
“Yes,If Brother Dai is willing,We are willing to cooperate with you,If not willing,No one will threaten you。”
Dai Tianbao lying in bed,I am still at a loss as to what happened at this moment,It’s already fine and cedes the property,Don’t want the winning side。
As for cooperation,That direct reception is two complete concepts,As long as it’s not a fool,All know that the latter has to earn more。
“how?Brother Dai doesn’t believe it?This is Mr. Mu from the Fighting Fist Conference,You can ask her。”
Mengdie smiled:“according to rules,Everything is decided by the winning side,If they are willing to take no action against the loser,We will also respect their opinions。”
“brother,brother,So our home is saved?”

Liu Xiaoyun suddenly pointed his finger in one direction and yelled!

“Where is where?”
Shen Ruoxue’s attention was immediately attracted to the rabbit……But I don’t know there are no rabbits,Liu Xiaoyun is just bluffing,Deliberately divert her attention,So I can stop the topic just now。
“Ran into the grass over there,What a big one!”
Liu Xiaoyun said that。
“Shall we go find it??”
Shen Ruoxue asked eagerly。
“Forget it,We are on mission,Catch rabbits when performing tasks,Don’t be scolded to death by Sister Yanzi!”
Liu Xiaoyun smiled and discouraged Shen Ruoxue。
“Ugh……I really want to catch a rabbit。”
Shen Ruoxue said with a tangled sigh,She still plays too hard,I forgot everything when I saw the fun,But the strange thing is:She was not like this when she was in school before。
“It’s okay,In the future, we will have the opportunity to catch little rabbits, little squirrels or something,Not urgent,I promise to accompany you to catch enough。”
Liu Xiaoyun hurriedly comforted Shen Ruoxue。
Shen Ruoxue reluctantly agreed,No way if you don’t agree,There are swallows,She really didn’t dare to do whatever she wanted,Qin Liang is not afraid of her,But Yanzi is really scared。
“Move your body quickly,We will have at least two hours away in a while,Looking back, you are tired of riding in the car again。”
Liu Xiaoyun still cares about Shen Ruoxue,To this girlfriend,She really has no reservations and treats her well for her sake,of course,Shen Ruoxue did the same to her。

someone said:Men cheating is half the responsibility of women,A woman cheating is a man’s sole responsibility!Jiang Fan chewed this sentence countless times,He can’t think of his responsibility?

After falling asleep,Jiang Fan dreamed of his daughter Niuniu,Bare a bite of white teeth,Grinning,With two chubby little hands,Said to him“Dad hug,Dad hug。”
In sleep,Jiang Fan subconsciously opened his arms,But before he picks up his daughter,I was awakened by my own actions,He was in a cold sweat……
First33chapter Meet Hu Li again
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May Day Eve,Sponsored by the Agency Working Committee and the Federation of Literary and Art Circles、The city’s calligraphy, fine art and photography art exhibition organized by Kangzhou Jindun Economic and Trade Company is in the multifunctional hall east of Kangzhou Hotel,Officially launched。More than one thousand works from all walks of life in the city, including Zhongzhi units and officers and soldiers of the garrison troops will be exhibited。
The specifications of this exhibition are very high,Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Di Guihe presided over the opening ceremony,Chairman of the Federation of Literary and Art Circles introduced the exhibition,Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Fan Wenliang、Daishi Changjiang Sails are all participating in the opening ceremony as participating authors。
Because both the secretary and the mayor have works exhibited,Members of the municipal party committee and the government’s several large groups paid great attention to this exhibition。《Kangzhou News》Newspaper and Kangzhou TV also gave full coverage。Exhibition day,Jiang Fan accompanied Fan Wenliang to see all the works one by one。
Peng Changyi came to the exhibition site just after get off work in the afternoon,Just walked into the lobby,A faint scent of ink hits your face。There are still people visiting in twos and threes。Because I know that both Secretary Fan and Jiang Fan have works in the exhibition,After he comes in, he rushes to the most conspicuous place。
really,In the most noticeable place,Hanging the two characters Fan Wenliang,One is by Yue Fei《Man Jianghong》。One of the great leaders《Qilu·Long March》,There is also a banner,There are seven big characters of Qi Jin“The road we have taken。”
He came closer,Just took a few glances,I found that an old man in white clothes and black trousers was also looking carefully at Secretary Fan’s words.。
Suddenly Peng Changyi found that the profile of the old man was a bit familiar,He turned his head to look,Couldn’t help laughing。This one is not tall、Thin face、The cleanly dressed old man is Master Hu Lihu, the guard in Beicheng District。
Last time sent a letter to Beicheng,It was this master who blocked himself in the communication room and waited for Zhu Guoqing,Later, after dealing with his mother’s funeral, he returned to Beicheng District to pick up the car,I found that the old man wiped his motorcycle very clean,He took out a box of filter cigarettes prepared in advance,To Master Hu。Master Hu is not welcome,I accepted it readily。
Peng Changyi did not expect,An old man watching the gate,Actually interested in calligraphy,To be precise, I am interested in the works of Secretary Fan,Because Peng Changyi found out that when he came in, the old man was standing here and watching,Wait for Peng Changyi to finish reading the two poems silently,The old man still did not move。
Peng Changyi turned his head,Said to the old man:“Master Hu,Hello。”

This kid will really hold a grudge,I still remember what I said last year,Villain,Standard villain!Tilted,Lu Feng staring at Fang Yourong with slanted eyes is very hot,This is the national capitalist、Vocabulary used by politicians,Why criticize him?

Ignore Lufeng, whose manner is not elegant at all,Fang Yourong continued:“Speaking freely seems like a vocabulary for honest communication,But it will cause employees to have psychological panic and worry。And what determines the direction of this contrast is precisely the leader himself in order to establish a good managerial style.,The management of a company calls the grassroots employees cheap labor,Has essentially denied the wisdom and ability of this group,Talk about brainstorming?This kind of solicitation without any sincerity,It will definitely only produce side effects。”
This……Is this kid a high school student?Is it a young man in society??
“See,From your eyes and demeanor, I have negated my ability to recognize society。”Looking at the capitalists who looked at him with strange eyes,Fang Yourong is very dissatisfied with this look,nowadays,The old people in the town know that the three represents a harmonious society,The so-called urbanites are still those who work from the countryside are positioned in a narrow category,Became a universal prejudice,The most intolerable is,This prejudice is already rooted in the minds of most people。
“Came to this city with two thousand dollars,In just a few years,I bought a house by my own ability,On this point alone,I am extremely proud of my life,I don’t think you have the right to despise me。”Fang Yourong looked left and right:“Survive in this city,People like me who don’t get city welfare‘cheap labor’There are many,Leisure other than running sales,People like us will also learn correspondence、Self-study and focus on finance*,Although there is no link to the diploma,But we have never been out of touch with this society,It is our industrious grassroots,To frame the basic economic order of the city,Remarks to me,Do you have any objections or suggestions??”
No one has an opinion,Just dumb。Xiao Fang, who is a little bit bluffing, is a young man with great self-esteem and self-motivated,Everyone apologized to Xiaofang who was wronged。
“Xiao Fang’s words are very correct,but,relatively‘cheap labor’This kind of speech,What I care more about is the official noun positioning——‘Rural surplus labor’。This vocabulary that has appeared in the last ten years itself carries the official ridicule of the polarization between urban and rural areas.。”Attorney Zheng, an intellectual who temporarily joined Fang Yourong’s side, tapped the table twice to attract everyone’s attention。
Lawyer Zheng who took the topic:“Thirty years of reform and opening up,in‘Socialist Market Economy’Under the program,In the official language‘Rural surplus labor’with‘cheap labor’Draw an equal sign,Because our country has cheap labor,and so,Our country is qualified to create countless wealth for European and American countries,This is a‘cheap labor’ A proud country。”
After listening to Lawyer Zheng’s words,Fang Yourong is full of emotion,Intellectuals are intellectuals,No wonder I usually hear‘Rural surplus labor’Feels very uncomfortable,Turned out to be‘cheap labor’Official term,trueXXX.。
Is this a critique meeting between capitalists and labor??Look away to Lawyer Zheng,Hey,No need that‘Socialist Market Economy’Emphasize so ridiculously,Although it is impossible to equally distribute the benefits of the reform results,But at least,Most people enjoy the benefits brought by the market economy。Lu Feng looks at Lawyer Zheng,understood,This is an angry youth!Arguing with angry youth,No wonder he loses。
The crowd avoids conflicts with angry youths,Decently keeping scrutiny。
Finally got the first alliance!I am very grateful for the inclination of the intellectuals to the working class,Attorney Zheng, a sharp-eyed intellectual, is a comrade-in-arms,Fang Yourong, who is fighting alone, feels relieved a lot。
“Xiao Fang,You have extensive experience at the grassroots level,You must have summarized,Speak out and see,So you can refer to it。”Lawyer Zheng greeted Fang Yourong on the other side。
Encouraged by intellectuals,Fang Yourong, who doesn’t want these capitalists to be above him, respond,“Then I will talk about my personal views from the experience I have accumulated since I started working.。”None of the people present are gentlemen,He doesn’t have to give any face。Do not,Nor is it,Except Principal Zhang,The corner of the eyes of Principal Zhang, who was listening very steadily, never tilted once。
Lu Feng continued to look sideways at Fang Yourong Saye;The two silk merchants smiled and listened to the different voices;Sheng San put his hands on his chest and his face was deep,Don’t know if it’s contemplation or regret sitting here,Silent,very quiet;The speechless Xu Yi was holding a teacup and watching that he was called twice by Lawyer Zheng and immediately did not know Fang Yourong in the south, east, north, and west.,Whisper secretly,No wonder Fang Yourong is called by children with clear and big eyes“Big brother。”
“I have been in sales since I graduated from high school,Put aside the so-called historical reasons、Social reasons and IQ、Expectations and so on,In my opinion,Heart to heart,Correct‘Brainstorming’The reason for the refusal to respond is that the bosses are responsible for their own injustice.。”

Yanzi said with emotion。

“Sister Yanzi,Next time we take you to rob the armory。”
Shen Ruoxue said triumphantly。
“it is good……”
Swallow wailed nonchalantly and agreed。
“Why are you standing??Hurry up and help us take off our things!We are almost exhausted!”
Shen Ruoxue shouted again to the little sisters who were watching……
Chapter three thousand nine hundred and thirty-five Are you sure it is a surprise, not a fright
Chapter three thousand nine hundred and thirty-five Are you sure it is a surprise, not a fright
“The four of you are really robbing things!”
Looking at the various equipment placed on the floor,Yanzi said embarrassingly。
“It’s a pity that we are weak,otherwise,We even snatched you the heavy machine gun!”
Shen Ruoxue replied unwillingly。
“Next time we go to grab a heavy machine gun。”
Yanzi smiled bitterly and promised。
“it is good,That `s a deal!Prepare for the next time you rob the armory,Try to grab enough to come back!”
Shen Ruoxue immediately replied eagerly。
This time just finished the robbery,The loot has just been put down,I’m already thinking about the next robbery,Shen Ruoxue really deserves to be Shen Ruoxue,Shen’s sisters can have such a“Outstanding”Leader of,It’s a strange thing if you don’t grow up in the future!

Liu Xiaoyun asked deliberately again,In fact, these are usually what she and Shen Ruoxue teach Mandarin Duck by hand,Isn’t this asking knowingly?……

The mandarin duck’s helpless answer。
“OK,That’s enough,Waiting on the battlefield,When you see an enemy who is alone, shoot him to death,See the enemy crowded,Throw a grenade to kill them,It’s that simple。”
Liu Xiaoyun flicked and flicked the mandarin duck……Fighting on the battlefield is as simple as she said,Then it’s not a war,That’s playing house。
Swallow was amused。
“Sister Yanzi,Be serious,Do not laugh,I’m teaching mandarin ducks seriously。”
Liu Xiaoyun said everything to Yanzi。“Nonsense!Are you teaching her?You are pitting her at all, OK??mandarin duck,Don’t listen to Xiaoyun,She is teasing you,You and Luna are indeed on the mission,But not on the battlefield,and,There are seven dragon soul fighters participating in this operation,You and Luna are
Two of them。”
Or swallow kind,Tell Luna and Mandarin Duck the truth really。
“Are you going to catch the bad guys??”
The mandarin duck asked carefully again,Liu Xiaoyun“Kidnapping”After entering the Dragon Soul,Only participated in one real action,That was the last time we hunted“Skin monkey”Song Junjie’s action,So she naively thought that she was going to catch bad guys again。
“Do not,This time I’m not going to catch the bad guys,But to protect good people,Protect three of their own,Three cute little girls as beautiful as you。”
The swallow coaxed a child。
“Oh,OK then,But I feel that I can’t even protect myself now!How can I protect others……”
Mandarin Duck is very frank。
“That’s why you need to exercise!Luna,Although seven people participated in the operation this time,But the only girls are you and the mandarin duck,She is a newcomer,So you have to take care of her,I’ll leave her to you,Understand?”
Yanzi told Luna quite seriously。

The girl opposite Boss Lin suddenly asked aloud。

“Oh,I’m looking at those two bonsai,I plan to get two pots back and put them in my living room。”Boss Lin casually talked a few nonsense,He doesn’t want the guy at the next table to know that he has been staring at his girlfriend,So easy to be beaten!Young people now,I’m so short-tempered,And don’t care about fighting,Dare to play any black hand,Do not consider any consequences,
Although Boss Lin is rich,,But I don’t want to make myself trouble。
really,The guy who was already looking at Boss Lin with slanted eyes,Heard him say that,I turned my eyes back……
“Does bonsai look good with me?Don’t you look at me?”
Boss Lin said coquettishly to the girl opposite。
“Look good when you are not wearing clothes,It’s not so good when you wear clothes,Ha ha。”
Boss Lin lasciviously teased the girl opposite。
“hate,Bad virtue!”
The girl pretended to be shy and replied,Started to study the menu again。
Boss Lin looked out the window for a while,Nothing to do again,Then after a while,He turned his face around again,By pretending to appreciate the opportunity of bonsai,I started to secretly admire the girl next to me again。
“Should I also go in to protect the safety of Bai Tao and his girlfriend??”
The outside of the restaurant is hidden in a police car behind a big tree,Meizi asked uneasy。
“Okay plum,Ten boss Lin can’t beat Bai Tao alone,Don’t worry,Hehe。”
Liu Xiaoyun answered proudly。
“Isn’t it?So drag?”
Meizi asked in surprise。“Xiaoyun,I want to exhort you;You are no longer the tiger girl who used to be a big sister,You are Liu Xiaoyun now,Is the Dragon Soul Warrior,It’s a special police,So when you talk and do errands,Must pay attention to what you say and do,What you represent now
Not just yourself,Or the image of the special forces and the image of the police。”

Shen Ruoxi said with an awkward smile。

“you are too tired,During this time, the spirit has been in a state of high tension,Forgetfulness is a normal body reaction,It’s okay,You have to control your emotions,Try not to think about it,everything will get better。”
Yang Shiyun can only continue to comfort Shen Ruoxi,Although she also knows clearly:What I said,Actually, it won’t have any effect on Shen Ruoxi,Care is chaos!As Shen Ruoxue’s sister,How could Shen Ruoxi feel relieved about her sister?,That is impossible,Everyone is the same。
But it doesn’t work,Words of comfort must be said,This is both the responsibility and obligation of being a girlfriend,Also“Same tribulation”Position and attitude。
“This time Xiaoxue,I’m hurting you guys again,Ugh……”
Shen Ruoxi resignedly thanked the two good girlfriends。
“shit,Did you have nothing to say to us??”
Chapter three thousand six hundred and twenty What happened just now
Chapter three thousand six hundred and twenty What happened just now
Murong Shan immediately replied dismissively,Of course, I didn’t forget to give Shen Ruoxi a big eyeball by the way.。
“Involve a woolen thread!Xiaoxue is not only your sister,Is also our sister, OK??Save all your thank you words,Don’t have a word。”
Yang Shiyun also looked deliberately indifferent“hate”A few words from Shen Ruoxi。
“Can you two talk to me softly?Why is it like taking gunpowder??”
Shen Ruoxi said awkwardly。
“Because what you just said we don’t like to listen,understand?”
Murong Shan still replied unceremoniously。
“Just,We don’t like to listen,understand?”