Qin Liang said frankly。

Shen Ruoxi was amused。
“Do not laugh,I mean it,This is a very serious question,You have to believe me。”
Qin Liang said pitifully。
“cut,You said it yourself,I didn’t force you to say,Even a pit,That’s what you dug for yourself,What’s my business?Why do I have to believe you?You confessed this on your own initiative。”
Shen Ruoxi asked unconvincingly,But the corners of the eyes are full of smiles,Obviously she is not angry at all,This makes Qin Liang feel a lot safer。
“Is not……Although I confessed it myself,But I’m a bit frustrated!I’m so wrong,You just ignore it。You can treat it as if you heard the puppy barking just now。”
Qin Liang said tangledly。
“I don’t care,How do I know if you are wronged?Anyway, the words came from your mouth,You won’t explain to me clearly,Plainly,I’ll be with you。”
Shen Ruoxi said without concession。
“Then I’ll keep kissing your feet,Made you comfortable,You just let me go。”Qin Liang feels that he should directly treat Shen Ruoxi“nausea”Death is more reliable,It’s more effective than begging her like this……So once he finished speaking,And grabbed Shen Ruoxi’s feet,Put it to your own mouth and open your mouth exaggeratedly!
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Chapter two hundred and fourteen I must keep in mind
? “Damn,Don’t make trouble,Dirty or not!Don’t you feel sick!”

“You don’t have to say,Everyone can hear it,My dear sister。”

Yang Shiyun replied mischievously。
“puff,Are you two starting to argue??Then hurry up,We all listen carefully。”
Qin Liang immediately beat a side drum and said。
“do not,I don’t quarrel with her,I can’t beat her,I can’t tell her,I don’t want to insult myself。”
Shen Ruoxi’s exaggerated answer。
“sister,What are you talking about……I can’t have a good chat?”
Yang Shiyun said embarrassingly。
“What’s up?I also said the wrong thing?No way,Did I make a joke too?Damn,I didn’t mean it。”
Shen Ruoxi immediately yelled exaggeratedly。
“I feel more and more that the one who stayed at home is also a Shen Ruoxue。”
Murong Shan spoke again。
“Why do I always feel that we use Xiaoxue behind the scenes like this,Is blackening her?In fact, she is really innocent and kind,Pure and lovely girl,Even if I’m a little bit mischievous occasionally,That’s not a big disadvantage,I really like her。”
Yang Shiyun said tangledly。
“Joke,Just a joke,Not at all malicious。”
Qin Liang explained for the third time,Although he is not speaking this time。
“Over,It seems that I made this joke wrong,I also apologize。”
Murong Shan hurriedly said with a wry smile。

“smokes!”Hu Lixin muffled。

Then he stood in the dark kitchen,The last cigarette was shaken out of the empty cigarette case。
After lighting,Put it in your mouth and take a deep breath,Spit out again。
In the fog,He stared at the night sky outside the window in a daze。
recently,A bit fussy……
Chapter Twenty Six Don’t go in early or late
Fang Xinjie’s agent received a call from Shining Star General Manager Dong Wen on Monday,Dong Wen told him on the phone,After the club’s research,Decided not to accept his 2.6 million annual salary proposal,I hope Fang Xinjie can accept the previous terms of an annual salary of 1.5 million,Based on this,Everyone can keep talking。
Although the words are not dead,But Fang Xinjie’s agent is not a fool,He can feel the tough attitude of the Flash Star Club。
Just tell him“On this condition,Do you want,Accept and sign,Get out if you don’t accept it”Up。
This confuses Fang Xinjie’s agent,I don’t understand how things suddenly developed to this point……
Last week,Although the Flash Star Club did not agree to the annual salary conditions it proposed,But the attitude is not so tough。
Is this what happened?
This agent thought of this,Decided to search first,What happened to Shining Star recently。
This search,Let him see a name。
Hu Lai。

“Do you still post the bill??”Zheng Haiming glanced at Shang Mei,Ask directly。

Baby Ou hesitated,Shook his head,“Don’t you say that online stuff is cheap??What my classmate said。”Her daily expenses,Sister Mei is responsible for the bills,She really didn’t pay attention to such things as bills。She also understands what Uncle Zheng meant——She has money,No concept。
“.”indeed,The original intention of people shopping online,All to save money。But now,E-commerce era,Online shopping has become a very common form of shopping,The difference from physical shopping is that it can realize immobile online transactions。Besides,Something online,All-inclusive,Not cheap,Yes yes.
Baby Ou looked at the faces of Uncle Zheng and Sister Mei,I knew she was thinking wrong。but,“None of this matters。”She doesn’t need to have any idea about money,Don’t talk about it,right now,She is a child,Shouldn’t let the idea of money enter her life。
“If this number is too much,Then,Just use two-thirds of my pocket money,Only pocket money。These ones,Stock funds, real estate, jewelry, art, etc.,Not count.”Oubaobao Point Report,“You press me again,figure.”
Although Zheng Haiming really wants to ask what he wants to do,But the little princess is obviously a little worried,He looks distressed,Just figure it out first,“Probably such a number.”Transfer the calculator to Bao Bao。Although not a lot,But much less than before。
“Multiply by two。”Ou Baobao supplement。
“.”Zheng Haiming is upset,Multiply this number by two,Just a lot,But it’s much safer than the initial number,mainly,“Although multiplying by two is a lot,But this number,If you get scammed,foreign,We can swollen face to fill the fat guy,I was deceived by some pocket money。If the fraud is the initial number,Then all the project companies of our European Group,There is a risk of being investigated.”
“.”Baby Ou is more troublesome,“Uncle Zheng!!!I said it all,Not a scam!!Why do you think I will be scammed??Am i so stupid?”
“You as a little princess,I want to give away the money for nothing, but I beg someone to accept it without getting angry,I said this is a scam and it’s all mild,I haven’t said brainwashing yet.”Zheng Haiming can’t help it anymore,“Can you tell me something,What are you doing with the money??Who are you really going to give for nothing?”
Baby Ou nodded,“Give away。But not an outsider,Is family。”
family?Zheng Haiming glanced at Shang Mei,“The eldest son and the little son were also defrauded?”
“.”I really can’t get around the topic of fraud。
Shang Mei thought of the banished immortal who looked exactly like Ou Huang.,“Is it the one I just met?Your big brother?”
Baby Ou nodded,“it’s him。”
Zheng Haiming doesn’t understand,“Big son?”Isn’t the father of Ou just the eldest son Yuze??

At last,Jiang Fan mainly reported to Fan Wenliang about the ribbon-cutting activities of the Administrative Approval Center。Fan Wenliang listens most of the time,Ask specific questions occasionally,After listening to Jiang Fan’s arrangement:“Ok,Your activity plan is very thorough,I can’t fault it,The only thing is that I hope you will ensure that your diet is safe that day,Summer is too hot,Food must be strictly controlled,Take care of the health of the provincial leaders participating in the ceremony,Don’t spend too much time outside,Try to arrange as many indoor activities as possible,and also……”

Said,this day,He looked at Jiang Fan,Seriously:“Prevent emergencies。and so,Security work should be more mindful,Although Lang Zhu has no unstable factors now,But never take it lightly。”
Jiang Fan kept nodding and saying yes,at this point,Jiang Fan knows,Because of Langzhu’s unstable factors,I learned it when he was acting mayor,at this point,He never dared to take it lightly!
Fan Wenliang changed the subject,He told Jiang Fan,After letting him arrange the work in advance,Maybe early next month,Provincial Committee organized an inspection,In addition, he suggested that Jiang Fan,Wait for the work to be on track,Also arrange some subject inspections appropriately,This broadens the view of cadres,It is beneficial to enhance the exchange of experiences in the brother cities。
Jiang Fan said:“You did say it’s on,After Chang Yi came,Great use,I can really spare time in the second half of the year,Think about the development、personnel、Party building and other work。”
They talked late,Fan Wenliang belongs to the person who blushes after drinking,When he left,Shake hands with Ding Yi:“Xiaoding,If you are not satisfied with the accommodation,Can be swapped,Tell the waiter,There are many rooms available for accommodation in the back。”
Ding Yi said quickly:“Ok,Ok,Don’t worry。”
Jiang Fan and Ding Yi sent Fan Wenliang into the car,The car that watched Fan Wenliang disappeared into the night before walking back。Two or three waiters started to clean the table。
Jiang Fan didn’t go in,But turned around and asked his wife:“Do you want to sleep here?”
Ding Yi looked at the dining table inside,And looked at the surrounding rooms,Say:“If you don’t want to?”
Jiang Fan said:“If you don’t want to,We can go to the special accommodation room at the back,If you are not satisfied,We can go,There are so many hotels outside?Just live。”
Ding Yi whispered:“it’s not good,Since Minister Fan has already arranged here,I’m sure the cost of accommodation will also be included,It’s a waste of us to live outside。”
Jiang Fan said:“will not,If we don’t stop,That is to calculate the meal expenses,He dare not count the accommodation fee。”
Ding Yi thought about it:“Then let’s go?I don’t like the environment very much,Don’t seem to be in the mood for sleep。”
Listen to Jiang Fan,Said:“it is good,let’s go,Go out to find a hotel。”Jiang Fan takes Ding out,Eating is a small matter,The place to stay must satisfy her。
Jiang Fan entered the house,I told the foreman not to live here,The foreman looked at Jiang Fan,She doesn’t understand,Said:“Are you not satisfied here?Many central guests from the province live here?”
Jiang Fan smiled,He said gently:“Not dissatisfied,Very satisfied,Because when we first came, we had already settled a place to live,I paid the money and went through the formalities。”
“Oh——”The waiter nodded,Understand Jiang Fan’s decision。
that’s it,Jiang Fan is driving,Go straight to the business hotel not far away,The accommodation conditions there are quite good,It is a very famous upscale hotel in the provincial capital。The provincial government guest house is to some extent the same as the domestic red flag car,It is because of a certain unique bloodline that it appears noble and upscale,Same here,Regardless of food quality or accommodation conditions,Good or bad is second,The key is the identity of the person who came to eat here。I just met Ding Yi who doesn’t care much about this。
Jiang Fan takes his wife,Park the car in the parking lot,Said:“You take a look,If we are satisfied we will live,If we are not satisfied, we will go。”

After measuring for a long time, he called out timidly“father。”

Peng Changyi didn’t agree,But reached out and touched his round head vigorously,Said:“Little Bunny,I was strange to dad just a few days away?”
Don’t know,Grinned,He has never heard of it“Little Bunny”this phrase,Repeated laughingly:“Little Bunny,Ha ha……”
Peng Changyi sees his son’s expressions,Hug him in your arms,Gave him a hard kiss on the cheek,When he still wants to kiss his son’s other face,Measured and quickly covered his face with a small hand。
Peng Changyi laughed,Said:“Did the beard pierce you??I have to let you know it hurts,Or I don’t really know you Lao Tzu。”
Son holding his little face,Looking at him in his arms,The bright eyes are so cute。
“What to see,I don’t know you anymore?”Peng Changyi watched his son deliberately grinning and said。
Son suddenly laughed,Said:“Old peng,Eating noodles。”
The whole family was stunned,Peng Changyi looked at his son puzzledly,Look at Shu Qing again。
Su Qing suddenly understood what was going on。When she goes to work in the morning,Received a call from Peng Changyi,Know he is coming back,And have to go home for dinner at night,I called home immediately。When my mother’s voice came out,Shu Qing said:“Lao Peng is coming back,Eat noodles at night。”Don’t know,My son’s voice came out on the phone:Old peng,Eating noodles
Shu Qing can’t help but understand“Haha”laughing out loud,She smiled and bent over,Clutching his belly and said:“Yes……Lao Peng,eat……Eating noodles,Hahaha……”
After Shu Qing laughed enough,I told Peng Changyi about my son’s phone call,Peng Changyi straightened back,Watching son,Said seriously:“What’s dad’s name?”
“Old peng。”The son looked at him and repeated。
Everyone laughed again。
The amount is also encouraged,Said with a smile:“Eating noodles。”
Peng Changyi pouted,Said:“wrong,Father is father,Lao Peng is not yours!”
I saw that my father suddenly became serious,Scared immediately,He turned around,Zhang set out to find his mother。

“OK OK,She won’t let you say,Let’s not force her。”

Chen Hao came out to help Shen Ruoxi again。
“I found it;Chen Hao and Min Min are the same,Both of you protect you,Wakayu。”
Xiao Huahan said with a smile。
“of course,Ruoxi is the purest, most kind, cutest and most beautiful little princess in the world,Chen Hao and I are her guardian。”
Song Min said proudly。
“Do not,Now she is not the purest little princess。”
Qin Liang started to owe again……
“What do you mean?”
Song Min asked strangely。
“Because she is already my daughter-in-law?A girl who has become someone else’s wife,How could she be pure?Hehe。”
Qin Liang said without shame……
“Get out of here!Dirty!”
Shen Ruoxi slammed,Can’t bear to deceive him,Hit Qin Liang’s chest with a palm!
“I have a hasty!Help!”Qin Liang easily parried,Of course he dare not fight back,But I dare not parry it seriously……Because he doesn’t know exactly where Shen Ruoxi’s effort has reached.,So he held Shen Ruoxi’s palm,Immediately take advantage of the trend and retreat backwards,Unfortunately,There is a chair just behind him
,So he hit the chair directly……
Qin Liang’s mind!Immediately used a clever effort,Let myself fall to the ground with the chair!And it was so embarrassing,That’s a lifelike!
This sudden change,Immediately shocked everyone!Everyone knows Qin Liang’s kung fu,But now,He was beaten to the ground by Shen Ruoxi within one move!How powerful is Shen Ruoxi’s skill now?!

Murong Shan thoughtfully said。“Koyuki,Xiaoyun,I need you two to help me,You and Yu’er are not much different in age,There should be more common language,Her misery is already known to both of you,Now she is also an unaccompanied orphan,You two should treat her like a sister,To care about her

,Take care of her,Protect her。”
Qin Liang showed his fraternity,Kind side。
“Yep,Brother-in-law, don’t worry,We will take care of her。”
Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue both nodded and agreed。
“Oh my god,The first time I saw such a good side of Qin Liang……Rare。”
Shen Ruoxi sighed。
“Is not……What do you mean?Why do I sound so awkward!Are you saying that I don’t usually do well??”
Qin Liang is not happy to listen,Began to struggle with Murong Shan。
“That’s not,Mainly because you usually look like a small child,Seldom look mature……I said so,You shouldn’t be angry?”
Murong Shan finished,Smiled naughty。
“Are you mocking me??”
Qin Liang asked depressed。
“Do not!This is definitely not sarcastic!the man,Only in front of the people he likes,To act like a child who will never grow up!So this also proves;You like it very much,Care about us girls。”Murong Shan said a few words too artistic!First teased Qin Liang’s childishness,Then praised him again,This left Qin Liang speechless……So ginger is still hot,Murong Shan with a child,It’s more sophisticated than those of Shen Ruoxi and other girls who have never had children
of course,Another important reason is;After all, Murong Shan is a superstar who has been in the entertainment industry for many years.,There are too many people of all kinds!So her speaking skills,Far better than the other girls in the Shen family。
“I’m confused……Are you ironicing me?,Are you really complimenting me??”
Qin Liang is stunned。

“Don’t care,Anyway, those cute little sisters are now under your control,You have to help us solve the problem of the daughter-in-law。”

Qiangzi started playing tricks。
“Pull it aside,Have the ability to chase by yourself,Don’t bother my Xiaoxue。”
Yang Zhi came out again to help Shen Ruoxue。
“Hey,Yang Zhi,You are not so good like this, right!Do you dare to love someone,Is it not too painful to speak while standing??”
Hadron said unconvinced。
“what……What kind of person!Don’t talk nonsense!”
Yang Zhi was so scared that his face changed。
“Exactly,Don’t have the ability, my flower fairy,My flower fairy’s call is endless。”
Ma Lin also helped Qiangzi start attacking Yang Zhi。
“Who is Flower Fairy??”
Shen Ruoxue’s curiosity immediately began to stir again,So looked at Yang Zhiwen。
Yang Zhi immediately avoided his eyes,Didn’t dare to speak。
“There is a beautiful girl,Spent ten days of field survival training by eating petals,Then Yang Zhi started calling his favorite person Huaxianzi。”
Qiangzi solemnly explained to Shen Ruoxue。
Shen Ruoxue suddenly became ashamed!So they talked for a long time,The flower fairy in Yang Zhi’s mouth is talking about himself!
“You two, fuck me!You say I can do anything,Don’t talk about my Xiaoxue,Did you hear me!”
Yang Zhi is a little bit irritated,He knows that Shen Ruoxue has a thin face,He was afraid that these jokes would prevent her from coming to Taiwan first。

“Should call the base,Let the base send engineers over。”

Yang Zhi suddenly spoke。
“Ok,Swallow,Call the base to report the situation here,Apply to send engineers,Apply for another special service team。”
Qin Liang made a decision immediately。
“Why am I calling again?Why don’t you fight?”
Swallow is tangled again。
“Because all the actions this time are the responsibility of your Shen family sisters,So of course you are the commander of this operation,Then you should call,It’s okay,I am responsible for charging your phone bill。”
Qin Liang joked again。
Swallow snorted contemptuously,Then I ran to the side and called。
“Let’s get rid of the fighting state。”
Qin Liang turned around again and smiled to everyone。
False alarm,The girls immediately all heaved a sigh of relief,This is a mess,One fright after another,Originally this fairyland-like valley,At this moment, it makes the girls feel full of crisis……
In fact, it was just a very accidental accident,It’s just that this accident is a bit scary,And this accident is really dangerous。
“I’ll get a heart attack if this continues!”