Jiang Fan said quickly:“Brought,Brought。”He said to Ding Yi:“Take out your ID,After finishing,They can go home for the weekend。”

Ding Yi listened to him,Quickly take out your ID from your handbag,Put in front of staff。Jiang Fan also walked behind his desk,Open the drawer,Take out your own documents,Jokingly:“mine,Already ready,Just waiting for the lady to nod。”
The staff were all amused by the mayor’s humor。
After verification,They have to sign and draw on the registered information。
“Lady first。”A staff member said。
Jiang Fan smiled,Speak to Ding Yi:“Lady please。”
Ding Yi picked up the carbon pen,Write down his name neatly。
The staff opened a new box of red ink pad,Put it in front of Ding Yi,Ding Yi stretched out his slender index finger,Pressed hard on the red ink pad,A female staff member said:“It’s heavy,Wipe it。”
Ding Yi looked at his bright red finger belly,Laughed。
Jiang Fan said:“That’s inkpad,Not an electric bell,Why are you doing so hard??”
Ding Yi said with a smile:“Didn’t feel the force。”
Talking,She wiped her fingers clean with a tissue,Lightly press on the ink pad,Then I print my finger on all the places where my name is written。
Jiang Fan is watching,Said:“After you press it, you are done,Sold it to me in this life,Don’t want to redeem it anymore。”
Jiang Fan also pressed a red fingerprint on the place with his own name,He wiped his fingers after pressing,Talk to the staff:“Get,Finally fooled your Lang Zhu beauty。”
The people next to you laughed。
At this moment,Di Fengchun came in with a paper bag with photos in his hand,The staff took the paper bag,Take out photos,Posted on the marriage certificate,Another staff member had already prepared the stamp,With the stamp down,Ding Yi and Jiang Fan completed the whole process of marriage registration。
After paying the cost,The director of the marriage registry handed two red marriage certificates to them,Said:“from now on,You are already a legal couple,congratulations。”
Jiang Fan shook hands with them again,Said:“Thank you,thank you all,Worked hard。”
The staff packed things into two large paper bags,Get up and say goodbye。

“It’s our bad,Poor work,Please criticize the mayor。”Director Shang emphasized this sentence repeatedly。

“Ugh,You are also following orders,To blame or to blame himself,Not self-respect。”Jiang Fan said。
Director Shang drank the water in the glass again and said:“mayor,I’m not sitting anymore,Unified action tonight,I have to go back,There is still a mess。”
Jiang Fan stood up,Send him outside the door。
After Chief Shang is gone,,Lin Yan and Peng Changyi reported to Jiang Fan in detail about tonight。
Lin Yan said:“His female companion left after eating,Something urgent at home。”
When Peng Changyi and Lin Yan rushed to the detention center,I met Deputy Director Zhao Sanzhu。
at this time,Zhao Sanzhu has got the news,Said this Shenzhen client is a friend of Changjiang Fan,Investors coming to Kangzhou,He quickly reported the situation to Zhang Huai,Zhang Huai said:“Who knows if he is a real investment or he came to travel in the name of investment for fun?Review well。”Talking,hang up the phone。
Zhao Sanzhu put down the phone,Put down the work at hand,Rush to the detention center immediately,Mo Chaoan was the first to interrogate。
Mo Chaoan, despite the success of the company,But he has never seen this formation,I panicked immediately,Facing Zhao Sanzhu’s verbal torture,Scared, he shivered all over,The strange thing is that Zhao Sanzhu doesn’t ask him about whoring,But asked him a lot of business matters,Especially the words tortured him for tax evasion and illegal business operations,He was wondering,At this moment, Zhao Sanzhu was called out,A long time,Lin Yan came in,Picked up Mr. Mo from the chair and left,Zhu Guoqing arrived at this time,Picked up Mr. Mo。
Jiang Fan listened to their narration,Lost in thought。
Peng Changyi said:“This Zhao Sanzhu,Say nothing,He said there are a lot of illegal businessmen,Under the guise of investment,Cheat everywhere,He also said that he can’t let people go without Mayor Jiang’s letter。”
“That means I have to write him a letter?”Jiang Fan is angry。
“Later Director Shang came,We brought out Mr. Mo。”Lin Yan added。
“Yes,Mr. Mo was finally released。”Peng Changyi said。
Jiang Fan knows that Peng Changyi speaks well,His words are only condensed and not exaggerated,He didn’t sit down,But walking in the house。
Peng Changyi said again:“Do you call that surnamed Mo?”
Jiang Fan thought for a while,I called Zhu Guoqing,Soon Zhu Guoqing answered the call,He is eating supper with Mr. Mo,Jiang Fan said:“Let Mr. Mo answer the phone,Let me talk to him。”

So his face finally burst into a bright smile,I also raised my hand and waved in response to Li Qingqing。

of course,This action led to louder cheers in the stands,But Luo Kai turned a deaf ear,There is only smiling Li Qingqing in his eyes now。
Football is fair,Who behaves well and who is bad,Know it after playing。
Just like him,Isn’t it normal to win Li Qingqing’s favor??
at last,Qingqing is still lost……
Thought of here,Luo Kai turned away,As a winner, I plan to take a look at Hu Lai’s current embarrassment。
But what he didn’t expect was,What he saw was Hu Lai who also waved his arms to Li Qingqing!
Shameless!Is Qingqing waving at you??!
Luo Kai took a sip in his heart。
Xie Lan was fidgeting,She is a little absent-minded in watching the TV series she usually likes to watch。I got up from time to time and went to the balcony to take a look,To see if his son is back。
She is worried about Hu Lai,Worried that he won’t be able to come back on time,Worried about his playing football at school being discovered by his husband。
Fortunately, when it was five minutes away,Hu Lai opened the door with the key,Walked in。
Xie Lan, who was sitting on the sofa watching TV, glanced at her son:“came back?”
“Ok,Mom, see I didn’t lie to you, right?Once the game is over,I came back quickly。”Hu Lai said to her mother with a smile on her face。
“Oh,How is the game?”Xie Lan asked casually。
“we won!”The smile on Hu Lai’s face is even brighter。
I saw the smile from my heart on my son’s face,The mother laughed too,But soon became serious:“Hurry up to take a bath,Change clothes!”
What she didn’t say was too direct,But Hu Lai knew what mom meant,Is to let his father discover the flaw。

“How can it be a turtle?Actually this,I think the key lies in what performance I can show。If I play like shit,Then it’s normal for them to scold me。But if I play well,Can they still scold?”Hu Lai said,“I said something bad,Give guidance。if……I mean if,in case,just in case,if,I helped our team win the East Asian Cup。Even if I really go through your back door, what will happen to me??”

Heard what Hu Lai said,Shi Wuyin smiled:“I found your boy’s tone is not so big,Open your mouth and shut your mouth is the champion,That champion。First the World Cup champion,Now the East Asian Cup champion。”
Hu Lai smiled:“Give guidance,We play,Isn’t the ultimate goal the champion??It’s hard to say that I won the runner-up?”
“You kid……Let’s not talk about champions or not,Just say this game tonight,Now countless eyes are staring at you,Do you say i can let you play?”
Hu Lai quickly patted her chest and said:“sure!How can’t,Give guidance?”
“Can’t you feel the pressure?In case you behave badly……”
“Big deal being scolded。Haven’t they been scolding me all this time??I’m used to it。They scold so fiercely,Shi guides you to see if I’m fine?”Hu Lai said with a smile。
“Fine……I originally called you to let you down,Don’t be burdened。It looks like it shouldn’t be used now。”
“Thank you for your guidance!If I play badly,Just replace me,I have absolutely no complaints!”Hu Lai quickly showed his loyalty。
“go Go……”Shi Wuyin waved,I don’t want to talk to Huledo。
But he stopped him again when Hu Lai ran to the door:“One more thing。You pay attention to that group of people,Even if we lose。not like this,Some things you don’t clarify,Will really be regarded as the truth。And I have to clarify as soon as possible,Wait for the rumors to take root,It’s useless for you to say anything。So the team will be after our game against Korea,Make a statement against rumors。”
“Thank you Shi for your guidance。”Hu Lai thanks again,Open the door and leave。
Not long after he left,Assistant coach Li Zhifei knocked on Shi Wuyin’s door。
“how about it?How are you talking?You told him that you were booed by the home fans during the game,Are you shouting to replace you??”Once in,Li Zhifei couldn’t wait to ask。
“I was going to talk about it。As soon as he came in,I discovered that the story I prepared might not be used at all……”
Li Zhifei saw Shi Wuyin look strange,Even more curious:“That’s it?”
“He came in with a smile……Not a normal smile,But the kind of hippie smile。”Shi Wuyin frowned and said。
“What do you mean?”Li Zhifei frowned,Didn’t want to understand。

After Fan Wenliang read a letter in his hand,And silently handed it over to Wang Jiadong,And leaned on the back of the sofa,Closed eyes。

This,It is the letter written by Zhang Liang, the director who died in Beicheng District, to the municipal party committee。
According to his wife’s orders before his death,Put it in the hands of the organization in front of the three city leaders。
Mrs. Zhang knows that the government is on the second floor,The municipal committee is on the third floor,After she came in, she went directly to the third floor,Madenko,Madenko knows Mrs. Zhang,His mother was in a unit with Mrs. Zhang,Madenko says:“Aunt,Who are you looking for?”
Mrs. Zhang said:“Oh,Is Xiaoke,I’m looking for Secretary Cui,Where is he?”
Madenko says:“I will show you。”Talking,And led her to Cui Ci’s office。
Cui Ci is not here,But the door is open,Madenko says:“You sit here and wait for him,Estimated not to go far,Otherwise, the door will be locked。”Talking,I poured her a glass of water and went out。
Mrs. Zhang is sitting here,I waited for a long time and didn’t see Cui Ci come back,She opened the door,Standing at the door and looking to both sides of the corridor。It may also be the foundation of the year,There is no one in the corridor。She wandered out,Move forward,I saw Wang Jiadong’s office open。
She tried to walk a few steps forward,Seeing Wang Jiadong holding the newspaper in his hand fanning out the smell of smoke。She knows Wang Jiadong,Wang Jiadong went to Beijing to see Zhang Liang,Also know his identity,Just walked in。
Wang Jiadong saw a woman came in,I seem to have seen it somewhere,Can’t remember,Just said:“Who are you looking for?”
“Are you Minister Wang?,I am Zhang Liang’s family,I’m looking for Secretary Cui,Waiting in his room for a long time,He didn’t come back。”
Zhang Liang’s family is looking for Cui Ci?Wang Jiadong immediately realized there was an article in it,Because Peng Changyi told him about Xiaoyanglou and Zhang Liang、About Zhang Huai,Is it……
He is alert,Said:“Oh,I remember,You sit。Secretary Cui just left my room,What are you looking for?”Actually Zhang Huai just got out of his house,But he knew that Cui Ci was in Secretary Fan’s office。
“I……”She remembered what her husband told her when he left,There must be three people present,To hand over this letter,Just said:“I have something,Left before the head of the house left,He told me to hand it to the municipal party committee,But it takes three leaders to hand over,and so,Saw you today,You should be a witness。”
Wang Jiadong realized that the iceberg was out of the water,He said:“Row,I’ll find him for you,I’m calling you a leader by the way,such,Come to the reception room,I am always inconvenient to come here。”Talking,Just call someone,Let the door of the reception room open。After a while,Wang Jiadong led Mrs. Zhang to the small meeting room of the municipal party committee,After giving her a glass of water again,Said:“You wait a while,I’ll find him for you。”Just walked out,Close the door tightly。
He didn’t go to Cui Ci,Instead, he went back to the office and quickly dialed Peng Changyi’s number,This kid is not in the office,He found out the address book,I remember once Peng Changyi wrote his mobile phone number on this book。
After dialing Peng Changyi’s phone number,There was a gurgling noise inside,At that time,The analog signal is very poor,As long as there is such a noise, it means that he may be far from the city。really,Peng Changyi said that he was condoning military members,Wang Jiadong whispered:“Zhang Liang’s wife is here, do you know?”

Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“Yes,No delay。”

“But if you register,Got a marriage certificate,What do you propose?”Ding Yi asked inexplicably。
Jiang Fan explained:“Register,Is my need,Is also a political need,propose,Is a must have program。”
“I……Don’t understand。”Ding Yi blinked and said。
Jiang Fan squeezed her hand vigorously,Said:“You don’t need to know anything,As long as you know how to love me。”
“but,Why do you say that registration is a political need?”Ding Yi asked sensitively。
Jiang Fan said deliberately:“To cover people’s eyes and ears right now,If anyone talks about us again,I can just say,We are husband and wife,Is there anything wrong with me?”He said so,Just to get her attention。
Ding Yi thought about it:“seem……Nothing is wrong,Just sounds awkward。”
“Don’t be awkward, you can just listen。”Jiang Fan smiled。
Ding Yi raised his head,Look at him,Said:“Are you a little impatient with me?”
Jiang Fan didn’t expect her to be so sensitive,Said quickly:“to you,I have patience!”The last two words Jiang Fan’s tone is very heavy。
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Why are you so dumb?,Seems to be speaking through gritted teeth?”
Jiang Fan looked at her,No smile,Said:“I am telling the truth,I don’t mind waiting for you,I told Changyi a long time ago,I will die with you in this life。just,look,Am i getting old。”Jiang Fan said,Touched my face with my hand:“I still have the strength to wait for you,Can still wait to move you,If one day,My hair is gray,Vertical and horizontal wrinkles,Inconvenience,You said you are so young and beautiful,How am i waiting for you……”
Ding Yi heard what he said,Eye circles are red,Covered his mouth,Put his hands around his neck,Kiss him,Said:“Ok,I’ll listen to you,I don’t mind when to register……”

“same as usual……”

Fang Yu responded calmly。
all,It seems that I can’t go back to the easy days before。
“You are quite calm!Further study……How long will it take?”
Jiang Wan’er continued to ask。
“Original time,At least three months……And during this period,You have to complete the thesis and practice, etc.……otherwise,Can’t graduate!”
Fang Yu waved his hand。
“Calm,I believe you!”
Jiang Wan’er patted Fang Yu on the shoulder,A firm face。
“My meal is here……”
Fang Yu reminded。
Then I started to eat myself。
I don’t know if it’s been too long.,Fang Yu feels strange to Jiang Wan’er,Much stronger。
people,Will change after all。
They too!
After eating。
Jiang Wan’er follows her bodyguard,Submerged in the vast sea of people。
Fang Yu also turned and left。

Ding Yi doesn’t know what the mayor is going to say,Just nodded。

“Have trouble at work in the future,If you don’t see outside,Thinking of finding me。”
Ding Yi is very moved,She took the mayor’s right hand,Shook hard,Said:“Thank you,mayor。”
Jiang Fan is also very impulsive,He can’t wait to hold her in his arms again,But he suppressed his**,He knows this is a pretty girl,He doesn’t want to scare her,Scared her away,He swears secretly in his heart,Jiang Fan is about to decide the girl’s future。and so,He wants to get along with Ding Yi seriously,Seriously develop the relationship with her。Thought of here,He felt a little guilty for what he did just now,He said:“Ding Yi,You are such a good girl,Just now,sorry。”
Ding Yi slapped happily,Said:“Haha,Fortunately I was more experienced just now,I’m not so intoxicated that I can’t find the north,Otherwise you say so,How embarrassing I should be。”
“Hahaha。”Jiang Fan’s uncontrollable laugh,Make others look at them。Laugh,He said:“You can’t tell this joke to others,I can only know that you know and I know,Understand?”
Ding nodded。
Entered the hotel gate,They went to the front desk and took the taxi master and returned the clothes,Jiang Fan whispered to her:“We go to the elevator over there。”
Ding Yi knows that the mayor does not want other people to know that he is in Shenzhen,Just nodded,They didn’t use the elevator in the lobby,But went to the innermost small elevator。quickly,The floor of Room Ding is here,She said:“mayor,thank you,Let me experience such an unforgettable night in Shenzhen。”
Jiang Fan also said:“thank you,Fawn。”
Ding Yi heard that he was calling himself deer again,Just smile at him,Get out
that moment,Jiang Fan really wants to hold her,Go directly to your own room,But that’s just an impulsive thought,Is absolutely impossible。He would never treat this girl like this,I would never make a joke about my career,To know,The curse on the head is still there。Sometimes he thinks of Zhou Lin,Why did he dare to speak and do so,Abruptly make the hotel waiter’s belly bigger?

“Not now,Now if you don’t wear clothes,Just a cute girl。”

Swallow said with a smile。
“What!Swallow what do you say!Such as……If i don’t wear clothes……You girl,Why are you talking to my brother-in-law?!When i’m not wearing clothes,How could it be seen by others!Kind of cute,Dare i want it!”
Yang Shiyun said immediately。
“Oh my god!I’m talking about if you don’t wear a police uniform!If you don’t wear clothes!It seems that you really can’t be lazy,It’s completely screwed up when you are lazy。”
Swallow is so embarrassed,She really didn’t mean that!But Yang Shiyun is so picky,She herself feels that what she said just now is very wrong。
“If Qin Liang said this sentence,There must be something in malicious words,But if the swallow said it,That must not mean that。”
Chen Hao helped Yanzi maintain his image,But these few words she said are absolutely fine。
“I know,I deliberately teased her,I don’t know what this girl is like?Third sister,Don’t forget I’m a detective,Hey Hey。”
Yang Shiyun triumphantly。
“Yes Yes Yes,you are awesome!How about you become the third sister,I’ll be the fourth sister,what do you think?”
Chen Hao suddenly said。
“Do not!I do not!I’m not fooled!Third sister!”
Yang Shiyun immediately said cunningly,A knowing look。
“Actually……My ID is fake,Actually I am younger than you。”
Chen Hao started to be clever,She is also naive,How could she be fooled by Yang Shiyun?,Playing tricks in front of a good detective,How can it succeed……
“Hahahaha……Third sister,Enough for you!Come here with me,I care about your ID,You are my third sister anyway,Humph,Never want to change positions。”
Yang Shiyun smiled and said。
“No way!I have to find another girl older than me to join our sisters group,Then I will be the fourth child。”
Chen Hao“Gritted teeth”Said。

This book comes from

This book comes from Pinshu https:
Two thousand three hundred and fifty-five chapters How to take a bath together
? phone-reading
Finished ribs,Several girls are rushing to wash dishes and chopsticks in the operating room。Pinshu
“Poetry cloud,You are in class for a day,I went to buy a gift just now,And then send it to the hospital,So you don’t have to do the work,Stay with the mother and daughter for a while。”
Shen Ruoxi sent Yang Shiyun with a few words,I took the dishes and went to the operating room,Murong Shan wanted to go together,But after seeing Qin Liang,She used her brain,give up,After Shen Ruoxi walks into the workshop,She just kicked Qin Liang lightly,Then whispered to him;
“Not to accompany your wife,By the way, say a few nice words to comfort her。”
“Oh,De Ling!”
Qin Liang hurriedly agreed,Then the fart pad chased to the operating room。
The operating room is not very large,But Murongshan and Shen Ruoxi cleaned up very clean and tidy!When Qin Liang walked in,Shen Ruoxi is already busy washing the dishes,Packed things。
“Wife,I have to work hard for you these days,I want to help you,But it is not convenient for me to come。and,I don’t know what i can do for you。”
Qin Liang started to please Shen Ruoxi。
“It’s okay,I can’t blame you for this,Moreover,Here six of us take care of Shanshan alone,Murong Shan and I are at home, taking care of one family and it’s much easier。”
Shen Ruoxi said without looking back。
“Wife,Let me see if you lose weight?”